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“I believe in working hard and working smart”

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“I believe in working hard and working smart”

– Jennifer Österlin, Business Manager
& double World Champion in Muay Thai

Jennifer recently came into her new role within ALTEN, continuing her career as the Business Manager of Information Systems in Gothenburg, Sweden.

While Jennifer’s professional role is demanding —her job is to recruit the best system developers for many of ALTEN Sweden’s challenging and exciting assignments— she sets the bar high even in her private life.

Jennifer, being a multiple champion in the martial art of Muay Thai, has earned two World Championships titles, double European Championship titles and is a quadruple Swedish Champion. Having fought the top female fighters in the world, she has established a legacy within the martial arts culture.

An educated engineer, Jennifer begun her career at ALTEN as a consultant, tasked with developing Java Applications, incident managing, maintenance lead and testing, before rising to her new role as the Business Manager

Since ALTEN Sweden have many high demanding, multinational customers such as Volvo, Ericsson, SCA, SAAB and many others, the role of a Business Manager is naturally a challenging position. Jennifer feels that her personal success has helped her succeed even at ALTEN. Jennifer explains that “In order to be both a professional engineer as well as an international fighter, planning has to be your bread and butter. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!”

“I am dedicated, caring, thoughtful and positive. I believe in working hard and working smart!” said Jennifer when asked to describe herself. “My work is a very big part of my life and I enjoy helping my consultants to fulfil their dreams. I think that my background as a fighter has helped me realize that anything is possible” This is an attitude that Jennifer bring to work every day, and she feels it helps her reach her goals while also having fun while working. “My biggest wish is to inspire others to do the same!”

Jennifer credits her success purely to dedication. “I believe that everything worth having, hurts getting. No Pain, No gain! Nothing ever comes for free so only you can decide what you are willing to pay. I love winning, I love learning new things and getting better at them. Challenges are what I love the most, which is also why Alten is the perfect place for me – my job never gets boring!”


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