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Without teamwork, failure is guaranteed

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Nicolás works as a consultant for ALTEN at Airbus. He belongs to the industrial academy team, which is a cross-sectional department responsible for the training of White and Blue-collar workers. (White-collar= administrative labour, Blue-collar= manual labour). He’s currently working on the development of a project called ‘Learning Digital Transformation’. It’s main objective is the digitization of the company’s training materials.

Solve problems, create strategies and set objectives

The world of aviation and military has always fascinated Nicolas. In fact, over the years he developed an interest for Milsim (Mil-itary Sim-ulation). This is a team-sport similar to Airsoft and consists of solving problems by creating strategies and setting objectives; Rescuing a hostage, recovering information or laying siege to a building.

Three years ago, Nicolás wanted to go further and in the Airsoft/Milsim environment he saw the opportunity to play sports while simultaneously developing a hobby. He tells us that practicing this sport requires a special passion and specific interests. The reason that motivates him to continue practicing is the feeling of satisfaction he gains every time he completes an objective —by himself or with his team— and the strong bonds he shares with his teammates. On the other hand, it’s a sport where you can be whoever you want to be, in his case, a Navy SEAL.

Understanding the chemistry of the team

Training usually takes place every weekend in order to agree on tactics and to better understand the chemistry of the team. Team members also practice on their own to gain physical strength. Teams from all over Spain participate to conduct patrols, surveillance and physical training.

Each participant can customize their profile, style and armament —sniper, select shooter, assault, or a mix of several. Nicolás chose the Navy SEALs of Team Six because he believes that “it is the best corp of special forces, with some of the toughest workouts that exist. The profiles have a physical and mental resistance that is second to none”. It also highlights the commitment that these teams assume to really help when needed. They are expert shooters, divers and expert parachute jumpers; hence its name —SEALs, an acronym of Sea Air and Land.

 Teamwork, perseverance and strategy…

Nicolás applies the best of Milsim to his professional activity. “There are different situations where teamwork, perseverance and strategy are extremely important to accomplish a project. In this sport, these kind of skills are automated based on practice and training. But there is one thing that I know for sure: “without teamwork, failure is guaranteed.”



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