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Why I became an engineer: three people tell their story…

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Why I became an engineer. Three stories

Encompassing creativity, curiosity and wanting to make the world a better place, to problem-solving and exciting prospects.  Three people tell their story…

Louise: Project engineer

Louis Campion became an engineer due to her curious nature and her love for creativity. She chose Art and Science in Secondary school as it was a good platform to becoming an engineer. Since she’s a problem solver by heart, she knew that Engineering was a great platform for many careers with a global reputation for excellence.

Offering opportunities for critical, innovative and analytical thinking, engineering gave her an opportunity to contribute to society and the environment. Her job encompasses the roles of; planner, designer, scientist and social entrepreneur. She’s especially looking forward to being an influencer in the realms of sustainability and energy security in the coming years.

If you are thinking of becoming an engineer, she encourages you to explore this diverse career. Furthermore, it’s one where you can make a genuine difference to the world around you and which offers excellent career opportunities!

Alison: Project engineer

A specialist in Geotechnics, Alison chose engineering over the more common career routes open to women and as a result has never looked back!
Because of her interest in architecture and someone who enjoyed maths, physics and geography she started out as a civil and environmental engineer.
She says that problem solving is at the heart of engineering and a degree in the subject is a doorway into many different fields within the industry.

You don’t need to worry that your degree will limit you to one aspect of engineering. The skills of mathematics, problem-solving coupled with a strong work ethic will benefit you across the whole industry. Accordingly, Alison has been involved in flood risk assessments, structural design, geotechnical design and health and safety.

If you love a challenge you are in the right place as engineering offers that everyday. A strong career choice, engineering enables the world to function and is very well respected degree. Especially if you decide that you would like to pursue a different career path in the future.

Kieran: Associate

For Kieran, the opportunity to work with a wide variety of specialists in his role as a Civil Engineer is one of the most interesting aspects of engineering. Almost every day he comes into contact with environmental scientists, ecologists, hydrogeologists to name a few.

In the next five years he says that the development of 3D modelling processes to solve problems and other advancements in technology will provide opportunities to develop new skillsets.

Engineering will ultimately offer you many opportunities in areas that you may have never considered. It is full of exciting prospects. In conclusion Kieran says “if you’re keen on engineering, go for it.” Wise words indeed!


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