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UniSalute Run Tune Up in Bologna

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Getting Ready!

At 9 o’clock in the morning of 9th September, 11 of our colleagues met-up in Piazza del Nettuno in Bologna. In a few minutes a special event would take place —the sixteenth edition of the UniSalute RUN TUNE UP.  This is an annual half marathon with over 5000 participants from all over the country, both professional and amateurs.

Getting to know people

Our colleagues, not only from Bologna but also from Milan, attended the CONAD 10 km —a non-competitive run ideal for everyone. In line with its well-known reputation as a Company with close ties to the health and welfare of its employees, ALTEN Italia attended this event and sponsored the registration of all the colleagues entering. Moreover, both runs have been great opportunities to share personal interests outside the office and to better know colleagues from other cities.

Both the UniSalute RUN TUNE UP 21 km – and the CONAD 10 km started in Piazza VIII Agosto. Lots of musicians played live music, entertaining the runners who were passing on the roads and through the city gates. Everyone, walking or running, could see the beauty at every corner of the city of towers. All the way in fact until the finish line which was in Piazza Maggiore.

Getting motivated…

The enthusiasm from everyone who participated in the run has motivated us to share this story. In the future we’ll also be promoting new sport events that our employees can participate in. Exciting news!





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