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Top 4 industries for Software Engineers in 2019

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Top 4 industries for Software Engineers in 2019

It is predicted that 50% of the top 25 highest-paying jobs are in tech development. The demand for people with these skills is predicted to rise exponentially in the coming years. This is clearly great news for Software engineers! So what are the most interesting and dare we say ‘lucrative’ career opportunities in this sector of Engineering? We outline the top four here.


Artificial Intelligence, Deep learning, AI —whatever you like to call it— is undoubtedly one of the flavours of the month for discussion. it may be that. The threat to people’s job security —contrary to popular belief— may have been over-stated in the press. The respected business analysts Gartner believes that rather than taking away our jobs, AI will create more job opportunities. To the tune of over 2 million new jobs in fact! This is due in no small part to the need for people to develop these applications and smart devices. And this need will continue to rise as we journey down the development timeline.


Blockchain is the new buzzword at the moment. And rightly so. A new technology that will have far-reaching implications and benefits. Not just in the financial industry but in such arenas as politics where it can help defeat fraudulent voting and healthcare where it is important to secure customers sensitive data. If you’re a developer skilled in this area, the long-term future is looking especially rosy for you. Here is a list of industries that it is predicted will be transformed by Blockchain technology.


Improving the future prospects of humanity sounds like a job and half right? Well, if you are a Software Engineer in the Biotech industry, this is what you could ultimately end up being part of. The combination of robotic engineering and biotechnology to create artificial limbs is one scenario. Or finding a cure for cancer with the aid of a Deep Learning and big data analysis application that you happen to be working on? Or even artificial hearts printed on a 3D printer? These developments could be crucial to our longevity. It is one of the areas of engineering that stands to gain the most with the advancement of technology.


Developers are at the forefront of Robotic Engineering. Robotics is concerned with the automation of repetitive and often menial tasks and often used in high-risk situations such as firefighting. Closely linked with AI, it can also be found in the development of customer chat bots and other applications in the service industry. These are growth areas for software engineers and there is no limit to the potentialFor developers that specialise in robotics and automation, the sky’s the limit as far as job opportunities are concerned. Exciting times indeed!




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