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From Consultant to Business Manager in just two years

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From Consultant to Business Manager in just two years.


Teresa began her professional career with ALTEN as a consultant almost two years ago. A few months ago she was promoted to Business Manager in the Banking and Insurance department at the company’s headquarters in Madrid. As a graduate in Business Administration and Law, she is well acquainted with the two profiles of the professionals who work in ALTEN: consultants and managers.


Can you tell me about your early days in ALTEN?

“After I graduated and began looking for work, one of the first companies that was interested in me was ALTEN. After  passing the selection process, I joined as an intern, performing administrative tasks and was mainly involved in handling incidences on a project for Gas Natural. However, during this period, whenever I had a follow-up meeting with my manager, I would always make sure he knew I wanted to progress further in the company. As a result when they opened up a new position in the Commercial Banking and Insurance department I welcomed the opportunity”.


When you think back to your time as a consultant, what stands out the most?

“As I was working directly with IT engineers, it was great to be able to get myself up to speed on all the different technologies. But most of all, the relationships with the other consultants which let me know their problems and their motivations. The same problems and motivations I had too! Nowadays, that helps me empathise with them and know how to handle lots of situations. I try to be accessible, sincere and above all, to exude confidence and to help them in any way I can.”


How did you find the change process?

“The process has been relatively easy. As I already knew the inner workings of the company, it’s been easy to adapt without too many problems. The entire team has also helped me. To be honest, the balance is very positive. This position brings together all the areas I’ve been preparing myself for professionally: sales, recruitment and management.”


Looking ahead, what goals have you set yourself in ALTEN?

“I want to grow both as a person and as a professional. This is a great opportunity for me to develop my career and I hope to achieve all the objectives they’ve set for me. I like what I do as every day is really dynamic and i’m in direct contact with people. I like the human side to a job like this. That’s why I hope and want to have a lengthy career in ALTEN.”


One last thing. Of these two stages, what has impressed you the most?

“Oh, definitely the human quality of both the managers and the consultants. You can feel how enthusiastic and energetic the people are here. And if we add to that the experience of the employees who have been here longer… I think that all of us here like what we do! That is so important if we are to grow and develop.”


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