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Let the festivities begin! Some traditional seasonal foody treats for European expats.

Let the festivities begin! Some traditional seasonal foody treats for European expats. The festive season is a great excuse to indulge yourself with some culinary treats. If you’re an expat in Europe then you are in for a great time. Traditional seasonal foody treats steeped in history are plentiful in this part of the world. Stolichniy salad […]

A fair workplace creates a good working environment

Korea comes searching for Swedish insights At ALTEN Sweden, we are convinced that an equal and fair workplace creates a good working environment. We really believe in it and are continually working for a better gender balance. As well as contributing towards a more equal society, we believe that equality and integration = success! “Our employees’ success is […]

Science Festival (Vetenskapsfestivalen)

Encouraging secondary school students into Engineering At ALTEN Sweden, we have a burning passion for the art of engineering. We continually encourage young people to pursue a technical education. It is this passion that inspired us to collaborate with the Gothenburg Science Festival. As a result we invited 100 secondary school students to our robotics workshops at our head office in Gothenburg, […]

Software Developer? Salary comparisons by country

IT salaries. Comparison of the highest-paying countries for Software Developers. A 2017 update of a review originally from 2015 by daxx.com comparing the highest-paying countries for software engineers. An in-depth comparison of the average annual incomes of software engineers around the world depending on their experience and technical skills. Encompassing; Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, France, Israel, the […]

Swedish do it better in Linköping

ALTEN TAKE OFF LINKÖPING A kick off that took off, ALTEN Sweden was flying high in the Aerospace capital of Sweden: Linköping. All of Team ALTEN Sweden got together between the 3rd and 4th of September this year in Linköping. On the official agenda was information seminars, motivational speakers and entertainment. But, to many employees […]

Humans of ALTEN #1

MARCEL, DUTCH ENGINEER, LIVING NOW IN SWEDEN WITH HIS FAMILY Could you introduce yourself in a few words? My name is Marcel, I am a 33 year old Dutch guy who is living in Sweden together with his family. Currently I live in the province of Dalarna together with my girlfriend Shella, 5 year old […]