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Smart City: Eindhoven

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Working in the one of the smartest cities in the world —Eindhoven!

Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Not many people have heard of the city, except for maybe being the hometown of the Dutch football club PSV. But did you know that Eindhoven is also one of the smartest cities in the world?

About a century ago, Eindhoven was just a small town in the south of the Netherlands. There was not much to see or do, except for a small factory for light bulbs that was operational there. Over the years, and with the expansion of its business to other fields, this small factory grew to be one of the largest and most influential electronics companies in the world: Philips. Hand in hand with this expansion, Eindhoven became a small city of labourers working for the company. And because of the innovative character of the company and its open culture, the region also became a magnet for technological startups and bright engineers.

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In the wake of Philips, other companies became mayor players in their respective fields in the world. For example, ASML is the largest manufacturer of lithography machines in the world, and has thousands of engineers working in the neighbouring town of Veldhoven. But also DAF trucks are designed and manufactured in Eindhoven.

Today, Eindhoven is considered to be the technological capital of The Netherlands, with over a quarter of the jobs being in ICT and Technology. Many of these activities are centered at the High Tech Campus, a high tech R&D center in the south of the city that was initiated by Philips and is home to more than 140 companies. The High Tech Campus is also called the smartest squared kilometre in the world.

Eindhoven is truly the place to be for engineers and expats, not only because of the technological history and passion that can be sensed throughout the city, but also because of the cosy city center, trendy areas such as Strijp-S, and the international melting pot of cultures.

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