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Science Festival (Vetenskapsfestivalen)

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Encouraging secondary school students into Engineering

At ALTEN Sweden, we have a burning passion for the art of engineering. We continually encourage young people to pursue a technical education. It is this passion that inspired us to collaborate with the Gothenburg Science Festival. As a result we invited 100 secondary school students to our robotics workshops at our head office in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our participation in the festival was intended to inspire young people to pursue a technical education by becoming more aware of what a career in engineering actually entails.

Inspirational presentation

One of our Business Managers, Magnus, held an inspirational presentation about what ALTEN does and what it takes to become an engineer and work as a consultant at ALTEN Sweden. Commitment is one of the most important factors for us when we meet new candidates. Magnus’s speech focused on explaining why we think this is more important than your grades or resumé. We believe that if you are committed and have the right attitude you can always learn new things along the way!

Building a robot together

These young adults then had the opportunity to learn more about the history of the robot and its current role in society. They were also given the chance to build a “runner robot” of their own together with engineers from ALTEN Sweden. The event was a great success! The participants succeeded in engaging both students and teachers in participating in the robot’s construction. We were impressed by the students commitment during these days. It was great to see how they worked together efficiently as a team.

Sparking an interest in technology

Hopefully this event will have sparked at least a small interest in technology for these young adults. And who knows, maybe we’ve even met one of our future colleagues!

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