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Got Talent: Roberto —Singer and writer

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Roberto works as Quality Manager in the Quality Programme department of Airbus.
He is in charge of solving any quality problems related to product security, and airworthiness certification. Today, we are going to discover a new facet of Roberto by looking at what he gets up to outside of his job at Airbus.
Meet Roberto —Singer and writer

Raised from a young age in a musical environment

Following the family tradition, Roberto started to sing from when he was very young. His parents where established members of choirs and with a lot of practice he learnt how to sing in different voices and tones. “Since I was a boy I was raised in an environment where music was part of our day to day life”, Roberto tells us. “From my mother’s lullabies to my father’s vinyl records” .

He started to sing in a choir from when he was 11 years old. An activity that required a lot of discipline and plenty of practice, especially when preparing for local contests. He also learnt how to take care of his voice, always protecting it from the cold and with constant hydration. When he speaks, he does so in a soft tone because any excess can damage his vocal chords.

Roberto has been a member of numerous choirs since he started singing  and has achieved some recognition at local level. These days however, he is not involved in any choir. Music has given Roberto the discipline to follow instructions easily and be a team member, something that he has applied in his job in ALTEN.

“Music gives me peace, joy and it is an escape route from the routine”

He has often thought about the possibility of dedicating himself to music professionally. However, he recognizes that “it is complicated to get in, especially if, as it is in my case, you have a familiar responsibility”. In his everyday life music gives him peace, joy and amongst other things it is an escape route. —Something that takes him out of the routine and enables him to relax.

Roberto continues to surprise us! He does not only sing, but he writes too. He is the author of a novel written in English and published in 2013. ‘The Ship, a Life-Saving Journey’. Similarly to music, his interest in writing has also been with him since he was young. He started to read poetry books that he borrowed from his from his father’s library, “Becquer and cia. Seemed to invite me to a rhymes party”.

He started by writing poetry but he soon changed to prose. Currently he has only one novel that has been published although he has more in the pipeline. Two are already finished and five are works in progress. The published novel is inspired by a proposal his mother made him. “She told me she had a dream with a ship and that I should write about it, so I started and the idea ended up with a novel”


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