149 available jobs for you

  • phase01


    Once you have registered in the international offer of interest to you, the international recruitment team analyzes the fit between the profile and the needs described in the job offer. Do not forget to prepare your CV and a cover letter in English.

  • phase02


    If you qualify for the process (language, mobility, professional experience, etc.), a person from the International Recruitment Department will contact you to arrange a date for an interview. Good luck!

  • phase03


    After gathering all the information after a first interview, you will have first contact with more technical and specific interviews aimed at narrowing down the candidates in the final selection process.

  • phase04


    From here, the interviews and selection processes come under the management of the country where the position will be located. They will be responsible to give you all the information in detail about the project and residence in the country.

  • Technical career

    Join ALTEN, thus to have the possibility of an exciting and varied career within the ALTEN network: each new project is an opportunity to discover an industrial environment or a different sector, and so to master new technologies and methodologies.

    This development accelerated skills allow you to stay on the cutting edge and enhance employability. All engineering careers are represented in ALTEN´s projects, more than 170 technical specialties in the fields of electronics, software, mechanics, networks and telecommunications, information systems, life sciences plus transversal skills.

    During the last few years, ALTEN has focused on building technical or functional improvement pathways enabling its consultants to evolve according to their potential and expectations.

  • Do you want to be a Manager?

    The Business Manager is the key figure at ALTEN for seeking out and developing new businesses. If you love challenges, have communication skills, are decisive, know how to work under pressure and are highly results-oriented, there is a place for you in our sales team.

    The Business Manager’s professional career is based largely on attaining objectives. As well as offering you a 360 vision of the business, you will be the central link between the customer, the employee and the cross-sector job positions in the company.

    Every manager’s day is a new trial and every new trial at ALTEN challenges us over and over to solve it.

  • Corporate

    The Company’s cross-sector departments (Finance, Administration, Personnel Management, ORP, Communication, Legal, etc.) follow and provide support to the operations area, contributing to the Group’s development through their good work.

    People are our key asset and therefore we face numerous challenges, of which the most important is: helping our employees to achieve their best. If we achieve this, it means that we’ve listened to them, we’ve helped them obtain the tools they needed to attain their goals and objectives, and they will be happy, not only with the job they perform every day, but also with the company in which they perform it.