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If you’re American, here’s 10 reasons why you should consider the European expat lifestyle.

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10 Reasons to consider the European expat lifestyle if you’re American

Are you a US citizen and do you often feel like the rat race is getting you down?
Well, Dispatches Europe has written a great article that could inspire you to change your lifestyle.

Terry and Cheryl Boyd formerly from Louisville Kentucky decided to take the plunge 3 years ago and havent looked back.
From their experience, the decision to up-sticks and move from the mid west to the Netherlands has vindicated any uncertainties they may have had.

Quality of life instead of a rat race

Café society and great healthcare. Travel opportunities and low-cost airlines. Great education (if you have kids) and more paid leave. Global mobility of talent and big opportunities. This is no fantasy, it could could be your chance to end up in a place that exceeds all expectations.

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