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Do you qualify for Dual-Citizenship?

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Pursuing your dream of dual citizenship

This article —while being from a US point-of-view still offers up plenty of ideas for you. Assess your potential to obtain dual citizenship wherever your birthplace. It’s packed with useful information and plenty of links.  Find out what you need to pursue your dream of dual-citizenship.

Did you know?

If you had an Irish grandmother or an Italian grandfather then you’re definitely in luck! These two countries are among a few that allow their citizens to hold two passports and don’t require you to give up your original citizenship. As a result, there are more and more people applying for Italian and Irish citizenship every day.
Other countries such as Israel, Lithuania and Germany have similar programmes in place but these sometimes are coming with tougher qualifying rules.

As with everything, there are exceptions to the rule. However, if this is a subject that has ever interested you then you’ll find the resources to follow it up on this site. You should definitely check it out. Including links to the Italian and Irish embassies amongst others. And some interesting background reading on the Law of the Bloodline (Citizenship Jure Sanguinis).


Expat essentials: Are you eligible for dual citizenship and don’t even know it?


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