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How I obtained the Profession Liberal Visa

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How I obtained the Profession Libérale Visa

What is this little known visa?

The Profession Liberal Visa is a little known official document available to foreigners who want to work in France. It could be the visa for you if you are searching for freelance work in France. It differs from other work visas in that you are not tied to the company that sponsors you. You can also work for yourself.
As with other visas there are the mandatory requirements, but unlike other visas, these requirements are not at first very clear and it takes some research. Molly from Texas explains how she went from being a Marketing expert to a certified pastry chef in Paris, surmounting all the hurdles along the way.

How to obtain the Profession Libérale visa

Amongst other things, she recommends using an immigration lawyer to help expedite the process but essentially there are 5 things you need to supply;

  1. Proof of a professional goal, backed up with current professional contracts past, present and future. These should be in the form of recommendation letters and letters of support for your new enterprise in France together with any invoices and pay slips pertaing to this job.
  2. Professional diplomas relating to your job.
  3. Proof of enough savings in your bank account to support your stay in France
  4. Proof of accommodation in France
  5. Medical Insurance
  6. No criminal record

There is one caveat. You need to be in your mother country to apply for it.
Let Molly give you the lowdown how she managed to make her dream lifestyle become a reality!
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