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Despatches launches new Passport tool for expats.

139 available jobs for you

Looking for an alternative to FaceBook Pages for expats?

Economies across the world are increasingly in need of non-local talent and with the help of a new tool developed by the clever peeps at Dispatches they will now have access to a vast database of mobile global talent.

Introducing Passport Tool

The tool is called Passport and it aims to replace Facebook Pages as the ‘go-to’ application for English speaking expats
It’s an integrated place that combines the usual social media stuff but with localised news and entertainment from the city of your habitation. These include; Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Luxembourg, Dusseldorf, Geneva, Copenhagen, Prague, Lisbon, Paris, Vienna, Eindhoven, Stockholm, Berlin, and Brussels with more to come on line in future…

The app focuses on the main subjects important to expats; Health care, schools, jobs, finding an appartement etc etc. It’s hoped that the wide range of career information will be continually augmented by the users themselves. You’ll be able do many things including; pitching your start-up idea, crowd-sourcing of information, view recommendations on the best places to stay while away from home. Lastly but not least there’ll be a group events calendar where you can stay abreast of the things that are important !

What’s more, this app isn’t exclusively for European expats. It’s accessible to people as far as wide as China and the US. In fact anybody who is looking to relocate to Europe in the near future. All this and you’ll be glad to know that’s it’s continually moderated so there’ll be no nasty surprises or undesirable trolling.

Read more here: https://dispatcheseurope.com/expat-cities/


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