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Discover the new Laboratories in Bologna

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Discover the new Laboratories in Bologna

In Bologna, in the North of Italy, ALTEN Italia has two premises but also three Laboratories focused on Automotive, Automation/SCADA and Embedded/IoT, which are a useful source of knowledge and sharing among all employees.

Obviously, the three Labs manage very different technical activities, but, day by day, it happens that some aspects or topics can be shared with the aim of a more organic and structured growth of the company. The exchange of experience provides the Customers the best support, but it implies also the capability of anticipating the Market’s needs. The Labs play an important role both for training and research.

For example, their activities are very useful for new colleagues (specially if they are just graduated) because they are able to reduce the necessary time for the integration in the company thanks to the mutual collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

Each Lab gives importance to the processes’ description and to the phases you have to follow if you want to develop a product or a project, following the V-Model’s guidelines. In fact, the Labs realize how the acquired technical know-how can be spent in different steps of the V cycle, integrating the peculiarities of the activities’ management in the V descending phase and in the ascending ones, such as the System Engineering, R&D and Test Engineering ones. With reference to this last function, thanks to the frequent ISTQB courses offered by ALTEN Italia Academy, employees are able to deepen the Test Engineering’s best practices, but also the phases of Test Plan, Test Procedure, Execution, Management and V&V processes reports.

Furthermore, in SCADA, that in Bologna has one of the company Center of Excellence, you can deepen the logics implementation of Software Development, Customization, Systems configuration, developed in the areas of Transport, Life Sciences and Manufacturing. Consequently, it happens that the same document or topic is managed by the V&V Engineer’s view, and then by the R&D Engineer’s or System Engineer’s one.

But the Labs do many other activities! Most of the time, employees are engaged in more practical and executive activities. With reference to the Automotive Lab, they acquire familiarity through the CANCase set-up, ECU simulator, car control simulator, Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) on which are made Functional Tests, thanks to the following SW: CANalyzer and DIANalyzer.

Otherwise, in the Embedded/IoT lab, the colleagues program an Evaluation Board, in which the documental tracking follows the development of a project about the map tracking of an arbitrary path, to make the activity similar to the company standards on project development.

In this context the lab is proceeding to the integration of further GPS/GPRS modules which extend the system functionalities. Meanwhile, in this area you can manage also Test Automation activities.

The Labs in Bologna are useful not just for research but also to let ALTEN become more and more proactive towards customers and the Market. But never forget the importance of training: this is the first step to take to be able to really understand the customers’ needs and to make ALTEN a trustful and successful company.


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