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Meet Jeroen: An Electrical Engineer at ALTEN Nederland

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Jeroen is an electrical engineer at ALTEN Nederland. He studied Electrical Engineering and is familiar with a variety of sectors within electrical engineering which he all finds very interesting. That is also why he works for ALTEN: ALTEN has all kinds of projects, big and small, for various companies. In this way he can work at different projects in different sectors. He has been working for ALTEN for a year now and is very happy and content here.

Designing Innovative Systems

Jeroen is currently working on a project at SunCycle. This is a company which invented a system that converts sunlight into electrical- and thermal energy. The product that SunCycle makes is a kind of solar panel, but highly innovative. The system follows the sun so this needs to be controlled by some electrical hardware, which is located in a control cabinet. To put it simply, it is a box with all kinds of printed circuit boards (PCB) in it.

SunCycle’s system is called the SunCycle Urban System (SUS). The SUS contains products that are made all over the world. Because of the co-operation with different companies, SunCycle can have pilot versions at some of them. Because the SUS needs sun to produce electrical and thermal energy it would be perfect that some of these companies are close to the equator.

Multiple Roles In The Team

As consultant for ALTEN Mechatronics, Jeroen and his team have redesigned the PCBs within the system, which let them reduce the number of circuit boards. That cut the production costs and improved the quality. Besides a reduction in the hardware costs, Jeroen had more responsibilities. He was responsible for the systems architecture, and part of the software programming. He also has a project manager’s role in the team as he is supervising two graduate trainees. They are tackling the hardware cost reductions together as a team and managed to achieve a 90% reduction in costs. As a team, they are really proud of what they have accomplished.


This project will be finished in a while and Jeroen will move on to a new one. But a new project also means a new challenge. And if this assignment is a success, it will give him a better feeling when he moves on to the next. Jeroen is looking forward to a new challenge in which he can shine again.

Interview with Jeroen on You Tube. (In Dutch)




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