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Humans of ALTEN #8: Simone and Luca

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The activities of an engineer and a musician have a lot in common

Being a Mechanical Engineer at ALTEN Italy and sharing the stage with one of the most famous alternative rock bands in Italy is possible! In fact, the activities of an engineer and a musician are not so different, as Simone explains, and you can even find some common points. Also Luca, Project Manager at ALTEN in Italy, thinks the same and adds that without music he wouldn’t be the person that he is now, also professionally.

Simone has been working as a Mechanical Engineer at ALTEN Italy since 2016 and now he is working as a Consultant in the Brescia Area (in the North of the Country) where he is a Testing & Validation Engineer in an Automotive company. But he comes from Naples, the city in which he studied and where he started to join many bands.

On stage with Afterhours

In fact, Simone is also a singer and a guitarist, deeply influenced by American grunge music, classic English rock and American songwriters. After three self-penned acoustic ep’s from 2009-20012, he migrated to the electric guitar. He then put the “Simon McCandless Band” together with two other members, on bass and drums respectively. To promote their first self-produced record, Simone and his band played live during the Pummarock Fest. Whilst there they shared the stage with Afterhours, one of the most famous Italian alternative rock bands!

Luca, Project Manager at ALTEN Italy, shares the same passion for music. He used to listen to old records with his dad: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Queen and all the great bands of the ‘60s and ‘70s. He realized his dream of playing in his own band when he was studying at University in Rome. With his guitar, he joined a lot of music bands and started to play live in several underground clubs of the capital. It wasn’t long before he became a familiar face to to many musicians.

Finding common points between music and careers

Both Simone and Luca had to reduce their sessions with the bands because of their professional activity and the distance from the other members, but they still try to do their best. In particular, Simone is working with a Pod system that allows him to have home recordings which can be shared with his band. They both also agree in finding common points between the music activity and their professional careers: “I think that the activities of an engineer and a musician have a lot in common. Starting from managing data, building and creating something, until designing components or melodies. I really like both of them.” – tells Simone.

On managing any situation and handling stress.

When I used to play in clubs almost every week, the hardest thing to do was to organize every aspect of the show. (I was often the manager of the bands I was playing in); I took care of the club owners’ relationship, the instrument renting, the stage set up and the promotion.
Luca adds – “This commitment has been very useful to learn how to manage any situation and handle the stress. I think that without music I wouldn’t be the person that I am now in my professional life”.

LUCA performing at The Boogie Club in Rome. (You Tube)


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