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Humans of ALTEN #3

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SARA GOMEZ GARCIA - Humans of Alten


Could you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Sara, a 28-year-old Spanish Mechanical Engineer. I started to collaborate with ALTEN Technology in Germany in 2011. Currently, I am a Business Manager in the AERO & RAIL Department for ALTEN SPAIN.

What was your first motivation to move abroad?

After finishing my studies in Germany, I wanted to enhance my experience abroad in an international engineering company.

How did you get this job opportunity?

I found ALTEN Group thanks to a Career Fair held in the city where I was writing my Master Thesis. Through this, the selection team from ALTEN Technology introduced me to the company and I applied for an Engineer Position.

How were the first 3 months in your new country and job?

I remember those first 3 months as a very enriching period with lots of managerial and technical skills to learn.

What are the main issues you had to cope with at the beginning?

Indeed, the main issue could have been the language at the beginning, but it was not a real problem due to the internationality of ALTEN Technology and the aerospace industry.

Do you feel now integrated in the company? In the country? How have you been welcomed?

Currently, I am back in my country, working for the Spanish NatCo. Over there, in Hamburg, the integration into the company was fast and I felt welcomed from the first day.

Do you think that this opportunity will bring you more possibilities within the ALTEN Group?

Yes, the more you know about the Group, the better you can adapt yourself to its necessities.

Is an international career good for internal promotion (in general)?

Being abroad, getting to know the company in more detail and, at the same time, staying in contact with other projects lead in different countries, indeed, it can help to promote yourself.

Was this step in your career the best decision to make and why?

Yes, due to different circumstances, the decision to work abroad for some years has made me get a global vision of the AERO Industry I couldn´t have got another way.

What kind of advice would you give to people who are willing to work abroad?

I would really recommend them to take the opportunity, not only because of the professional experience, but also due to the life experience it provides.

What could be the next step for you in a medium term period?

It´s difficult to confirm in which country I see myself in the medium term, but, I will probably apply for mobility within the Group in the future.

What ALTEN should improve to facilitate mobility?

There could be a line of improvement giving more visibility to our engineers with regards to the kinds of projects deployed by each NatCo.



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