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Humans of ALTEN #11: Arnaud

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Arnaud: “The possibilities are multiple to grow in ALTEN Switzerland, we work with several projects”

Could you introduce yourself in a few words? 

Arnaud Spenlé, French guy who lives in French-part of Switzerland.

What was your first motivation to move abroad?

My father’s disease and the distance between my family, my friends and I.

How did you get this job opportunity?

I worked for ALTEN Belgium and I asked to my manager if it was possible to move in Switzerland. They called ALTEN Switzerland and they found me a project in the French-part of Switzerland.

What are the main issues you had to cope with at the beginning?

Find an apartment in Switzerland, the Swiss law and all the papers mandatory and required by the Swiss administration. It’s a little bit scary but the process with the administration is really clear and ALTEN helped me when I had questions.

Do you feel now integrated in the company? In the country? How have you been welcomed?

I feel good in Switzerland, ALTEN finds me several interesting projects and the integration was facilitated by the after works which allowed meeting between others consultants and here we have mountains, the Leman lake and in one year, I made friends.

Do you think that this opportunity will bring you more possibilities within the ALTEN Group?

In Switzerland, we have a lot of society with several projects and ALTEN is always increase his activities so I think that the possibilities are multiple to evaluate here.

Is this step in your career was the best decision to make and why?

It was the best decision for personal reasons, with my internal mobility, I could spend times and enjoying the last moments with my father before his death and I am geographically close to my friends and I can see them much more because for me, the quality of life is just as important as work.

What kind of advice would you give to people who are willing to work abroad?

Take some advice about the country where you want to go, especially for the administration and laws. Currently the social networks are really good for that, and don’t hesitate to move because it’s an amazing experience, both culturally and humanely, to live and work in another country.

What could be the next step for you in a medium-term period?

I don’t know because currently I love my job and my personal situation, maybe continue to satisfy my clients with my best work as a representative of ALTEN and why not to being a Business Manager in a few years.

What ALTEN should improve to facilitate mobility?

Maybe more communications about job opportunities in other countries between ALTEN branch’s and maybe create a specific internal template to be complete by employees when they ask for mobility.


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