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How to become a local in your host country

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Tips on how to become an integrated expat

It may seem obvious, but in order to fully integrate yourself and become a local in your host country you need to do your homework. You already know that there will be a great many cultural differences and obstacles awaiting you. The question is how do you best find out about these? The experts at expat.com have some sage advice about how to tackle the task. Follow these tips on how to become an integrated expat…

What makes the locals tick?

Discover the nuances of the economic, social and political scene via blogs and forums. Find out about the regional history and traditions of your new area. Also, go and check out the local art scene. Here you’ll get a sense of what makes the locals tick. Furthermore you’ll get insights into the mindset and lifestyle of the people.

Learn the language

This really is the most important skill to acquire. Without knowledge of the language you’ll never really be integrated.
It’ll be hard but if you can converse a little with the locals the benefits are immense. From boosting your self confidence to sharing jokes over a beer and picking up some regional colloquialisms, the quality of your life and your standing in the community will be boosted

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