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Where To Find The Highest-Paying Expat Jobs In Europe

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Where To Find The Highest-Paying Expat Jobs In Europe

Living the expat life brings with it a number of advantages and benefits.
First of all, the ability to earn more money than your peers in your country of origin. Secondly your quality of life could see significant improvements; a greater disposable income, more leisure time and  increased opportunities for travel.

There are frequent studies that help us make decisions about the most rewarding destinations for expats. In this article we reveal the countries where the highest-paid expats live.

Detailed benchmarking data about expat salaries

The recent study My Expatriate Market Pay Survey reveals some interesting facts on expat pay levels around the world. It reveals that their are 10 countries that offer salaries significantly higher than the global average. Using data collected  from 10,000 employees and 300 global companies, the report provides a ranking of countries based on expat package costs. 170 countries where examined so you can be sure that it’s a in-depth and accurate study.

Where you can find these jobs in Europe…

Whether you are a Pharmacist or a Doctor, or are you working in IT, Finance, or Engineering, the survey offers real insights into where the best opportunities can be found. You may be surprised by the results! Is it Luxembourg? or  Germany? Maybe it’s the UK? Or even Switzerland or the Netherlands.

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Expat Focus: Highest-paying expat jobs in Europe


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