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From Albania to Milan: Armand —firmware engineer for the techno division at ALTEN Italy

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Nice to meet you, Armand. Could you please introduce yourself in a few words?

Hello, my name is Armand, I was born in Albania and I am 31 years old.

I performed my undergraduate studies in one of the most prestigious high schools in Albania, the “Harry T. Fultz Technological School”. It was here that I became acquainted with telecommunication, economics and informatics. In September 2005 I moved to Tuscany where I earned a BSc in Telecommunication & Information Engineering at the University of Siena. I subsequently moved to Milan and obtained a Masters’ Degree in Telecommunications and Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano.

What was your first motivation to move abroad?

I am a hungry-learner and a curious person and telecommunication technology is my main interest . One of my biggest career’s ambitions has always been to work for International IT companies. To achieve this objective, I knew I had to leave my country and obtain the necessary degrees from recognized European countries.

How did you get the job opportunity at ALTEN Italia?

A friend of mine who still works at ALTEN kept talking me about the company vision and the great opportunities it offers to its employees, regardless of their origin or culture. I applied and ALTEN offered me my current job position. Since then I have been experiencing what my friend meant, and I frequently find myself talking the same way about my company.

You feel well integrated in the company, then. But how have you been welcomed?

I consider myself very lucky. Since the first day I found a very welcoming environment. Every employee is assigned a segment of a bigger project that can be finally completed by exchanging knowledge and experience; in this way, the company promotes team collaboration and personal growth. For this reason, I feel like the perfect fit in the right company.

What would you suggest to people who are willing to work abroad?

In my opinion, two of the most important characteristics for people who are willing to work abroad are to be open-minded and perseverant. While keeping in mind that things can initially be more difficult for foreigners, there should not be room for pessimism or moaning. The culture of a country can often determine the transition towards success. For this reason, one should not confine his efforts to job achievements, but also to the surrounding culture.

Let’s talk about the future now. What could be the next step for you in a medium-term period?

My short-term goals are to conclude the tasks that I am assigned in the best way and shortest time possible. I believe that this attitude will help me achieve new competences that will finally contribute to my professional growth inside ALTEN in the medium time.


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