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A fair workplace creates a good working environment

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Korea comes searching for Swedish insights

At ALTEN Sweden, we are convinced that an equal and fair workplace creates a good working environment. We really believe in it and are continually working for a better gender balance. As well as contributing towards a more equal society, we believe that equality and integration = success!

“Our employees’ success is our success! We have a strong belief in equality and diversity in the engineering sector. This helps contribute to an innovative work environment and development of society in a positive direction, including equal gender opportunities and integration.”
—Martin Segerström, CEO ALTEN Sweden

We’ve had a very interesting visitor at our ALTEN offices in Stockholm. The Korean reporter Era Song and her coordinator Subin Ingelid from the Korean magazine Edaily, visited us to talk about the Swedish female workforce infrastructure.

The consequences of choosing a family or a career

Korea has the longest working hours in the OECD which is almost impossible to combine with family life. Consequently Korea is now facing a serious low birth rate crisis, because Korean women must choose between family or career. The Korean government will therefore investigate how companies and governments in other countries manage this problem and has identified Sweden as a good example.

As a big and powerful company, we think it’s extremely important to share our knowledge with other countries. Consequently, we are very proud to admit that in 2017, 20% of our employees and 50% of the managers we hired were women! This is a great step in the right direction towards a better gender balance.

A fair workplace and good working environment

What also makes us proud is that a lot of our male employees take parental leave. Helene Schagerlind at ALTEN HR Development was sharing everything she could to inspire and help the Koreans to get a good insight in how it works in Sweden and at ALTEN. What we take for granted today in Sweden is still not obvious in many parts of the world.


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