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Expat women in the Middle East. A resource to help you get the most out of your stay.

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Here’s a site specially tailored for all the women expats out there!
Wether you’ve already made the jump or are currently considering upping sticks this is a great resource.

Expat women in the Middle East

This site primarily focuses on life in the Gulf States but has plenty of relevant women-focused content no matter where you are based
Expat life as a member of the fairer sex in the Middle East can be challenging, often more so than in other global destinations.
With that in mind the experts at expatwomen.com have curated some first rate advice specifically targeting the unique day-to-day issues you may encounter as a woman in a very male dominated part of the world.

Mums, Food and Fashion

You’ll find sections for mums, food and fashion amongst many others. Posts such as; ’12 Fashionable Cafés In Dubai’, ‘A Guide To The Best Brow Bars In Dubai’ and a guide to ‘Dubai’s favourite terrace lounges’ to name a few. There’s also a handy forum section where you can get advice and meet others in similar situations. And last but not least, there’s a host of Expat interviews like ‘Having Fun in the Huge Sandbox’ that can be a great source of inspiration and reassurance.



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