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Smoothing the Expat transition for all the family

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Smoothing the Expat transition for all the family

While more and more people are taking up expat assignments, the process isn’t all plain sailing. The transition can be littered with obstacles and pitfalls especially if you are re-locating the entire family, kids and all.
In order to be a success and not one of the 10% of moves that result in failures, Harvard Business Review have outlined four key steps to follow. These outline the decision making process, the necessary preparations and settling in. Not forgetting the moving part! Its all about getting the family involved…

Preparation is key

In brief, they advise to make adequate preparations before the date. These include; studying about your destination, its people and culture and building a support system that takes in essentials such as potential family activities, local health care providers, teachers and infrastructure providers etc.

Making the move

From organising ways to stay in touch with friends and former colleagues, grandparents by preparing a family blog to staying fit and healthy and taking a break from the actual process of packing and organizing. It’s important to not get totally consumed by the process.

Settling in

It’s important to know that your family should come first in the first few months. Find resources that will help them feel fulfilled. With your children (if you have some), carry on with the routines that they are used to; fast-food fridays or bowling at the weekend for example. Enrol them in their favourite activities. And last but not least, get social! Talk to your neighbours and join some clubs or expat organizations.

This is a brief overview. For the detailed rundown, read the full article here
Good luck with the move!



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