The Netherlands Engineer jobs

Embedded systems and special machine design.

11 available jobs in The Netherlands

The Netherlands Engineer jobs

The Netherlands are key players in the development, manufacturing and marketing of some of the most advanced, precise and intelligent machines. We have a prosperous and open economy and are noted for stable industrial relations.

The Netherlands are highly ranked in terms of energy infrastructure, fresh water transport, gas infrastructure and water management. It also ranks among top EU nations for the speed, quality and reliability of its cable and digital systems, as well as its telecommunications network. ALTEN in the Netherlands is proud to innovate in these markets.

ALTEN Nederland is a leading service provider in the field of technical consultancy and engineering. Our customers are prominent technically oriented companies, for whom ALTEN Nederland supplies 300 highly qualified staff in a wide variety of technical projects. You will find ALTEN in different types of markets: industry, traffic and transport, telecoms, and defence.

In the Netherlands, ALTEN provides services in technical automation, mechatronics and robotics. With this broad field of knowledge, ALTEN is in a position to supply exactly the right expertise in the right place for our customers’ projects. We work for multinationals, start-ups and everything between.


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ALTEN, Europe’s leading engineering and technology consultancy, supports the development strategy of its customers in the fields of innovation, R&D and technological information systems.

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