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I had the chance to develop myself professionally in three different countries, getting to know a motivating, dynamic professional environment and a rewarding corporate culture. 

Six years ago, when I joined the ALTEN group in Spain, I certainly did not expect such an exciting journey: I had the chance to develop myself professionally in 3 different countries, getting to know a motivating, dynamic professional environment and a rewarding corporate culture. Having always wanted to pursue a professional career abroad, I had the chance to combine pleasure and work by being in charge of business development in new markets, in Spain, USA and today Switzerland.

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The experience and the opportunities opened to me are open to all: Through hard work of course, but especially by the ideas, the desire to move forward and innovate, for being thirsty for new challenges, and then ALTEN takes care of the rest.

We often wonder if companies bet on youth, and we talk about the place of women in large multinationals more than ever today:  ALTEN trusted me beyond the number of years of experience and beyond gender. For me, ALTEN genuinely defines itself as a world of opportunities. Switzerland proved to be a technical research center with its state of the art technology which is also strongly promoted from the Swiss government.

ALTEN in Switzerland offers to its customers a technical or managerial expertise on projects with high added value: We support our customers from the pharmaceutical, luxury goods, special machinery, transportation, telecommunications, bank finance and insurance sectors of activities on problematics in line with the strategic challenges of today.

Our presence across the country, a tailor-made approach and meeting the requirements of the local market, forces us to reinvent ourselves every day to help our customers in their own individual transformations. With ALTEN Switzerland’s big network of clients and their involvement in a vast variety of projects on a national, as well as international level, it makes it highly interesting for our consultants to move from one project to the other.

Proximity to our engineers is essential and supporting the development of their career through our projects and training plan is key. The goal: to be able to offer more project opportunities in Switzerland or abroad, leveraging the potential and talent of each employee.

Come to Switzerland

The most common stereotypes Switzerland is known for are its neutrality, its punctuality, its banks, its cheese, its watches, being really expensive, and many more. There is however much more than the stereotypical Switzerland. In Switzerland, we have four official languages (German, French, Italian and the not so well-known Romansh) that is spoken in different geographical areas. Even though Switzerland is a relatively small country, its culture varies immensely in between these areas. Furthermore, Zurich and Geneva are expat hubs. This makes the country culturally very diverse.

Thanks to different factors such as the favorable environment, the level of knowledge, technology and creativity, Switzerland has ranked in the last several years as the number one country for innovations (WIPO). The legal transparency, especially low taxes, has attracted many international companies to set up their headquarters in Switzerland. This again, resulted in a stronghold of highly skilled workers and many professional opportunities.

In Switzerland, you will profit from its stability and orderly life. For the thrill-seeking people, the country offers many activities such as skiing, mountain-biking, hiking and many more. And if you are a daredevil, just be 5 minutes late at an appointment with a Swiss person and see what happens.

The best of ALTEN Switzerland

Switzerland is a highly innovative country with many international companies. The Swiss government promotes technical research and therefore the level of technology is state of the art. This makes a very interesting environment for people working especially in the technological field. Also, Switzerland has a very advanced service sector operating on an international level. And not to forget, the Swiss banks are one of the best known on the world. Having worked in one of the banks in its headquarters in Switzerland gives your CV a big boost.

Working in Switzerland also gives you the hands-on chance to learn one of the official languages or start improving your already existing knowledge.


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