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Strong IT&Telecom know-how,
development of R&D business line.

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The Spanish economy is one of the most open and of greater externalization of its financial products, services, etc. in the euro zone.

Spain produces, among other things, textiles, iron and steel, motor vehicles, chemicals, ships, petroleum and cement refining, while laying a special emphasis on the industrial sectors like automobile, aeronautics, and the energy value. Sectors such as banking & finance and Telco & Media are, in the same way, a benchmark for the Spanish market. ALTEN SPAIN has a strong presence and experience in all these fields and areas.

ALTEN is one of the largest groups providing Consulting, Information Technology, and Engineering services to major companies on the Spanish market.

Our ability to develop and adapt to market requirements facilitates our presence in different sectors of the economy and industry. At ALTEN, we specialize in providing services in order to create business solutions using standard technologies, from the initial design and conceptualization, to the final maintenance or implementation. We offer our customers a total geographical coverage, thanks to our 5 offices and 2 technical offices in Spain.

The basic concept of the ALTEN range of services is its capacity to resolve any business-related needs by applying the most appropriate technology in each case.

ALTEN SPAIN, with more than 1,500 employees, in which more than 70% are Engineers, offers the experience of thousands of hours of Technological know-how, both in areas of Engineering and ICT. We use the latest technologies under a corporate culture of excellence, offering a total coverage to our customers.


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ALTEN, Europe’s leading engineering and technology consultancy, supports the development strategy of its customers in the fields of innovation, R&D and technological information systems.

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