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Welcome to our team!







ALTEN is committed to ensure that each employee develops his or her employability.”

I chose ALTEN because it is a solid, growing company with 24,700 engineers in 20 countries. It has a strong investment in skills development in the areas of expertise and management and it is the leader market in technology consulting & engineering and a major player in IT services in France and Europe.

I hope to develop my career within ALTEN Portugal, to be an asset to the company, to make it grow even more and to learn as much as I can.

The best of ALTEN:

  • Commitment to ensure that each employee possesses the necessary means to master his craft, develop his employability and adapt to constant advances in technology.
  • The team spirit and the development processes to identify skills and expectations to ensure that its projects closely match its employees’ desires.
  • The process for managing the career paths of employees known as “seniors” has been established, based on career counseling, training, and the transfer of expertise to young graduates.








“ALTEN is part of several automotive projects which gives me a vast experience in several domains.

I chose ALTEN Portugal due the promising career they have in Portugal, and to be part of the first engineers working in this company. Also, working at ALTEN gives me a vast experience in several domains thanks to the project they carry out.

I hope to create a lot of value to ALTEN, while gaining experience to become a project and team leader. 

The best of ALTEN:

  • Clients with Automotive projects.
  • Possibility of personal rapid growth.
  • Friendly workers.








“ALTEN is a leading and respected consulting company with a proactive mindset.

I chose ALTEN because it is a leading and respected consulting company with a proactive mindset that operates in different areas of business.

My goal at ALTEN is the constant evolution and growth as a professional together with the company. 

The best of ALTEN:

  • Global company with customer focus and proactivity.


ALTEN Worldwide

ALTEN is the european leader in engineering and technology consulting provides support for its clients’ development strategies in the fields of innovation, R&D and IT systems.

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