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ALTEN presented their product VERIFDOC at the ENISE. This product is an innovative solution in its technological catalogue and is directly related to the verification of identity and digital security.

VERIFDOC consists of a set of different and advanced technologies which help create a unique product, capable of providing a mechanism that guarantees: the verification of documents and the identity of people during administrative procedures, as well as the automation of the processes for employer recognition of information, and the signing of documents with full legal guarantees.

VERIFDOC integrates automatic systems to ensure the verification of veracity of identity documents. Using optical character recognition for the acquisition of information, it`s possible to minimize human errors and to detect the falsifications of documents. It also allows facial biometric recognition, in order to perform a matching process between the person who presents the identity document and the person presented in the document itself (generating a confidence scoring). The biometric identification on the iris, the voice tone, the fingerprint and the recognition of a handwritten signature, allow access to the unequivocal identification of a person during the process.

Due to its modular nature, VERIFDOC can be integrated into the current processes of each company as part of its workflow. It can also segregate the processes and give them continuity from mobile devices, increasing the usability of the solution.

In addition to facilitate the process, VERIFDOC incorporates the chatbots as a help tool. Chatbots interact with the users in real time to guide them in the process of supplying the appropriate documents, generating life tests, detecting fraud attempts and simplifying processes that would otherwise require a user support center. Therefore, requiring more time and money.

Finally, VERIFDOC integrates an advanced digital signature system, capable of giving full legal validity to all the procedures that protects; either through biometric signatures, signatures with OTP (One Time Password) with or without prior facial identification, or signatures with electronic certificate.

The usefulness of this product as a Digital OnBoarding system, has a direct application in the processes of companies and public administrations, allowing them to shorten the process time, therefore reducing costs and also providing a better accessibility to it.

The implementation of VERIFDOC goes beyond the identification of physical features when identifying people, being able to recognize any element, such as models related to public administration, license plates, digital counters, documents and a long list of others, providing an endless number of possibilities and useful cases.

VERIFDOC is adapted to the current European legislation (EIDAS-SEPBLAC), in order to respond to the highest security requirements for video identification of users, being a technology audited by ECIJA and counting on the corresponding technological compliance report.


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