Go Fluent: Language courses available for you

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Go Fluent: Language courses available for you!

If you are an ALTEN employee, ALTEN Portugal gives you the opportunity to learn new languages. Sign up now!

Starting from January 2019, a section of the training courses will be available on INSIDE.

The Go Fluent course is one of the most interesting courses we have, and it works like a tool that allows all the employees to improve their language proficiency or even learn a foreign language from scratch.

You will have access to a series of well-structured lessons, which will give you the opportunity to keep improving your proficiency in English, French, German, Portuguese and soon in Chinese. Go Fluent is a special tool that can be used to create a profile with the user´s personal data. Everyone is supposed to submit their subscription and take the required assessment test. Later on, everyone can take special lessons based on their personal needs such as: language proficiency level or chosen topics. The choice is yours! You can improve your speaking skills, your reading skills and your listening skills by studying a chosen topic in your favourite area.


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