ALTEN attended FINDE.U searching for talent

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ALTEN attended to FINDE.U job fair in Oporto

Earlier this fall, ALTEN attended the FINDE.U job fair in Oporto, specifically represented by ALTEN Portugal, ALTEN Belgium and ALTEN Sweden. This event hosted in Portugal is one of the main events of this kind. Multiple large international companies (specialized in different areas and sectors) made their appeareance at this event.

On the course of two days, ALTEN`s presence was remarkable due to an international combined effort, obtained because of the extensive networking with a large number of people (from college students to more senior profiles). It seems legit to state that this fair was very important, not only for the great opportunity of making contact with a lot of potential candidates, but also to give ALTEN a recognizable image among the Portuguese job market.


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