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In their words

ALTEN Portugal is the engineering and IT consulting company of choice for customers that want to make a quantum leap in the effectiveness of their activities.

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Alten has entered the Portuguese market with the aim to become a major player in the area, both for the IT and Engineering domestic market and for the offer of near-shore platforms to its international customers. In 2018 Alten Portugal aims at strengthening the presence in the local market by attracting the best available talents and setting-up reliable delivery centers in both Lisboa and Oporto.

ALTEN is a land of opportunities for boosting a professional career in Engineering and Consultancy. This perfect playground is the outcome of 30 years stimulating a culture that rewards merit and promotes business ethics as levers to achieve the organization goals. We call this the ALTEN model.

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ALTEN brings to the Portuguese technological landscape 30 years of experience in outsourcing Engineering services with four distinct lines of services. Our Techno offer helps industrial clients such as Automotive, Aeronautic and Energy keeping pace with their growth plans. A specific platform of services around Regulatory & Compliance for the Life Sciences arena where clients benefit of our expertise in GxP and experience in Pharmaceutical environment. We are applying our offer of Network and Engineering to Telco players where huge technological trends such cloud computing and 5G are demanding for different skillsets. Finally, our horizontal offer for ICT where we bring a proven broad expertise on Software Quality Assurance.

Come to Portugal

Portugal has a special set of features that makes it unique. Starting with our beautiful beaches that extend over more than 1000km of shore (not to mention our islands of Madeira and Azores), most of them suitable for surfing. But that’s not enough! Our gastronomy is worldwide famous as well as our international awarded wines; we have Fado, portuguese traditional music; we have wonderful art and architecture, as well as nice weather conditions!

Portugal offers vast opportunities for travellers: charming villages, fascinating regional music, good food and outstanding beaches.

The best of ALTEN Portugal

ALTEN PORTUGAL´s professional services are based on different service levels, encompassing the delivery of expertise through People, Services and Turn-Key Projects.

When providing professional consultancy, ALTEN commits on resources with specific skills and expertise on a high flexibility level. On the Services Contract we commit on resources, performance and quality levels, whereas the Work Unit Contract or Fixed Price Projects is focused on results, with management delegation and projects quality, time and costs control.

To achieve ALTEN´s customers objectives and expectations, it is imperative to attract the best talents in the several engineering disciplines. ALTEN provides its consultants the possibility to participate in different projects within well-known clients, leverage professional development inside a Multinational Group, allowing the development of new skills and expertise through continuous training whilst expanding new areas of interest.

Key people

Every day I feel like I am part of something bigger than my own project and that I am working for a higher goal. They want to know what you think, how you view the world and what you want for your future. Most importantly, I am not “just another employee”!

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ALTEN  is a company eager to grow but more important than that, ALTEN wants to do it with the people that work here. Every day I feel like I am part of something bigger than my own project and that I am working for a higher goal. They want to know what you think, how you view the world and what you want for your future. Most importantly, I am not “just another employee”! It is a place where everyone has a role to play and where I feel that I can make a difference.

For me, ALTEN is a company with a strong personality. The engineering mindset of transforming problems into challenges it’s in its DNA. With this approach, I am motivated to do better and achieve more, pushing my own limits with the support of a great team. I believe that the best triggers to professional development are inspiration and support, and I can find both here, at ALTEN.


ALTEN en el mundo

ALTEN es el líder europeo en consultoría de ingeniería y tecnología que brinda soporte para las estrategias de desarrollo de sus clientes en los campos de innovación, I + D y sistemas de TI.

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