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Not only does Portugal offer a mature market for business, it also has a perfect combination of commitment to and technological excellence for project development, not to mention a warm climate and a quality of life that delight its inhabitants.
The Portuguese market is currently undergoing a growth phase and the country is committed to the development of its main economic sectors: textiles, agriculture, fishing and construction. It has a major world-class mould manufacturing industry, and wine exports and the service sector also account for a significant share of its economic activity. Portugal has also bolstered its presence in the European automotive and aeronautical sectors, investments have been made in Education, Green Energy and Telecommunications, and IT Technologies industries have been given a boost.

Portugal is committed to the modernisation and innovation of its corporate fabric and to attracting investment and creating value through increased competitiveness and productivity. In recent years, Gartner has recognised Portugal as one of the developed countries with the highest potential to act as an IT Platform from a transnational technological services perspective, as a great destination for setting up Shared Services.

The ALTEN Portugal value proposition is divided into two horizontal lines of services: Information and IT Infrastructure Systems for all industries, as well as three vertical lines of services, grouped under Networks and Engineering for the telecom industry, Regulation and Quality Assurance Services for Pharma/Life Sciences companies and BPO & Payment Methods for the banking sector.
The Portuguese operation also acts as a Near-Shore for all other ALTEN companies on the European perimeter to make the most of existing knowledge in the IT, Engineering and Life Sciences sectors related to its team’s top-level language skills and geographical and monetary integration in the Euro zone.



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