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In their words

The one thing I am sure of is that ALTEN is all about the people working here! It’s through their work, their personality and their dedication that we are one of the leading consulting companies in Belgium.

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Our main strength is our adaptability: with our wide range of technical and human skills, we can offer solutions to our clients in all our business sectors.

ALTEN Belgium aspires to become the leading technological partner for Belgian companies, by evolving from a supplier to a committed partner. Our board of technical directors assists us in this fundamental change. We have the ambition to develop our work packages offer to reach 50% of our activity. In this way ALTEN will demonstrate its capacity to lead strategic projects.

ALTEN Belgium is also the only entity of the group to present a perfectly balanced mix of sectors in our three divisions: Life Sciences, Information Systems and Engineering. It increases the range of opportunities for our consultants to switch among divisions and boost their career.

ALTEN Belgium is definitely a reflection of Belgium in general: a wide pool of diversity! Our team consists in more than 30 nationalities, with people coming from all over the world. Besides this multiculturalism, the various technical backgrounds of our employees allow us to work with many clients in all our business sectors. From banking to railway through life sciences, you will always find the right opportunity matching your profile!

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We also focus on building an ALTEN community: we organize all types of events, from informal team meetings to technology evenings, to gather our employees, consultants and staff ; endorsing our core values: teamwork and dedication!

We are looking for people with diverse backgrounds to meet our clients’ need at the best. For all three sectors: Life Sciences, Information Systems and Engineering, we search for candidates with different levels of expertise. We are always glad to welcome young graduates, who just received their master degree, but at the same time we have many options for technical experts and project managers to lead complex projects.

Come to Belgium

In Belgium, everything you can think of is at close range! The north-south distance is less than 250 km, in less than 2 hours you can reach four different countries! Luckily for us, our three national languages make it easier to discuss with our close neighbors France, the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg.

This amazing diversity is not the only distinctive feature! Culinary tradition holds a major role in the Belgian cultural heritage and is characterized by sweets – such as Belgian Waffle, Speculoos, chocolates – and typical dishes – Carbonnade Flamande, fries or Waterzoi.

Despites its small size, Belgium plays a major role in the world thanks to its strategic place at the center of Europe, and thanks to its brilliant citizens. For example, the team of Michael Gillon, a Belgian astronomer, found in 2017 seven planets with the potential to sustain life on their surface!

The best of ALTEN Belgium

Belgium, and especially Brussels, is the European capital with the Commission, the Parliament or the European Union Council. This privileged position attracts students, workers and tourists from all over the world, making Brussels one of the most cosmopolitan city in the world. Living in such an atmosphere can only improve your language skills, especially in English!

This asset will give you a significant advantage when you will work with the leading companies in Belgium. Your career definitely will take off with so many opportunities ALTEN Belgium can offer!

ALTEN Belgium is leading a lot of great projects, and is now working more and more in “workpackage” solution. Our clients trust us to lead important and various projects from the conception to the production, though coordination and validation. Those projects can concern Life Sciences and validation process for example, but also Engineering and change request, and IT and testing in a banking environment. Variety is everywhere in ALTEN Belgium, we never have the same project twice.

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There are two different types of projects at ALTEN Belgium:

  1. To meet a temporary need of one client, we set up a team of engineers for a limited period of time. Let us say our client is erecting a new building, ALTEN Belgium would for instance be in charge of the equipment validation to ensure the right erection.
  2. We can also become the partner of a client who wants to outsource an activity. In this case, ALTEN Belgium signs an executive contract with the client. This is a solution, which we use a lot for Research and Development projects, and this partnership lasts for months, even years.


I enjoy working in the consulting business, and more specifically at ALTEN, because it offers me the opportunity to explore various industries, firms, roles… ALTEN has a wide range of customers in Belgium, which provides a lot of opportunities for their consultants.

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I also like the atmosphere and dynamic of the company. There are a lot of young, motivated and result oriented people working for this company and I’m happy that I have been able to meet a few of them during the last two years. To improve this internal bounding between consultants, ALTEN organizes a couple of events a year, who are always pretty fun to attend. What I also particularly like about ALTEN is that they promote continuous learning. You can for example follow free trainings on technical, managerial and rather interpersonal topics through the ALTEN Academy.

Via ALTEN I have been able to work for two internationally well-known companies within the time span of two years. I have been able to explore both the energy and the automotive industries and improve my technical and managerial skills. At the first company, I worked as a Project Engineer, developing industrial burner applications for many different industries. At the second one, I currently work as an Engineer, assisting in the follow-up and planning of different topics related to the improvement of the reliability of the assembly line. Working for different companies, in different industries, executing different types of functions, has allowed me to build up a broad professional network. I have also attended different courses on Project Management during the past two years, offered by the ALTEN Academy. Through these courses, I was able to obtain my Prince2 Foundation Project Management Certificate last winter. 


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ALTEN is the european leader in engineering and technology consulting provides support for its clients’ development strategies in the fields of innovation, R&D and IT systems.

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