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In their words

ALTEN is a global company with a genuine local presence, in which our employees are provided with exciting opportunities to develop and build their careers. We are passionate about engineering and strive to promote young people to choose an education in technology. 

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Our employees’ success is our success! We have a strong belief in equality and diversity in the engineering sector – thus contributing to an innovative work environment and development of the society in a positive direction, including equal gender opportunities and integration.

We are Sweden’s most committed technology and IT consultants! When I meet my colleagues, I’m astounded by the positive spirit and the great commitment that permeates the entire company. It is our conviction that genuine commitment is created through choice and the ability to influence the personal professional development. Thanks to our dedicated and competent employees, we can stay in the lead and offer the best solutions for our clients.

ALTEN Sweden aim to be the technology partner of choice by offering a complete portfolio of competencies and global capabilities, while still having a local and agile presence. We work with medium to large international companies, and also with public sector departments.

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Sweden is known to be a very innovative country, and ALTEN is right there in the middle of it – supporting the development of tomorrow’s products! Our core is COMMITMENT. To our clients, employees, to the environment and also to the society around us.

ALTEN has Engineering in its DNA. Our constant focus is in building engineering careers for our employees. We are a large and stable company. As such, we can provide both the width and depth of engineering projects needed to attract and retain top talented engineers and managers. When you give your commitment to ALTEN, ALTEN gives it back to you. We build together. I have personally been on an exciting career path with ALTEN, spanning over many years, several different positions, and on more than one continent. Never a dull moment. To me that is the definition of ALTEN: Endless global possibilities! 

ALTEN Sweden is a major player in the market, but we have a familiar closeness that permeates the entire company and creates a proximity between our departments. With us, you are not only given the opportunity to start your career – we have many different customers in different industries, giving you many possible career paths and opportunities for broad skills development.

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We believe that choice and the ability to influence your mission contribute to committed employees. We simply make it a little easier for you to enjoy your career by listening to what you are passionate about!

Each individual is equally important and important building block in ALTEN Sweden. We are the most committed technology and IT consultants, and therefore search for people that are dedicated for engineering. We also place great emphasis on personality and not only look at the merits of your resume. You must have the right drive, attitude, commitment and be a true team player to deliver the best solution for the client!

Come to Sweden

In Sweden, we are happier when something is neither too much nor too little. For this ultimate state we have invented the word “lagom”. [The word “lagom” is derived from the Viking age: To be “lagom” – it should be just enough for all members of the crew]. Swedes may be slightly reserved and usually do not talk too much when waiting for the bus. But if you break through the wall of silence you will be met with friendliness and care. You may be invited to “fika” and treated with coffee and cinnamon buns. Just remember to politely grab a “lagom” integer value of buns!

The best of ALTEN Sweden

In Sweden there are a lot of global companies in different branches from heavy industries like automotive, aerospace, steel and forest/paper to telecom, payment systems and digital music services. These companies are not only global but also in the forefront when it comes to product development and processes. This provides a huge opportunity to build competence and develop in your professional career.

In Sweden, companies have a pretty flat organization which gives each employee the opportunity to be part of, – and contribute to, the decision making processes. This kind of responsibility makes people grow professionally, probably much faster than in rigid hierarchal organizations.

Key People

We deliver projects to large global customers as well as strong local clients. We offer our customers a total geographical coverage.

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The range of assignments and projects in Sweden are wide and they are found in the sectors Energy, Telecom, Automotive, Defence & Aerospace, Life Science and Industry. Example of Top career assignments that we provide in Sweden are within:

  • Embedded Systems – Autonomous Drive and Active safety, Electromobility, Power Electronics, SW/HW development and System Development.
  • IT – AI, BI, Cloud, Web and Mobile App, Bank & Finance, PLM.
  • Mechanical Engineering – Design, CAE, Electrical, interior, exterior, Powertrain, Chassis, Design & Visualization, Quality, Manufacturing and Production.
  • Energy – Wind power, Nuclear, Process and Plant Engineering.
  • Life Science – Assignments within Pharma and Medical devices.
  • Transversal assignments – Management, Quality, Testing.

From our offices across Sweden we specialize in providing services in order to create solutions using standard technologies, from the initial design and conceptualization, to the final implementation and maintenance.

Examples of our focus deliveries are projects within emerging automotive technologies, such as Electromobility, Autonomous Drive and Active Safety (ADAS), as well as traditional engineering projects as interior and exterior design, powertrain, electrical, chassis, testing and transversal management projects ex CAE, quality, project management, and cost saving projects.

We are also expanding heavily and have a strong presence in the ICT market, where we deliver projects within System and Application development, IOT, Cloud, Board Power Design and Digital Power.

With dedicated departments in the Life Science sector we focus our activity on pharma manufacturing and the development of medical devices.


My colleagues! ALTEN has managed to balance having a welcoming and including work environment with growing the number of consultants in Sweden. I really appreciate getting new colleagues and get inspired by their journeys, both within their career and personally. We are a global team creating global products which I think is exciting.

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My first impression when I started at ALTEN was that it seemed like you could do everything. Now, 2.5 years later, I still hold that opinion! You can go in any direction in your career within ALTEN, from managing positions to specializing within your field.

My feeling is that our customers offer very varied assignments, so if you want to explore a new career path where there is customer need, you will be supported from ALTEN and encouraged by managers to become more experienced in that area. The team at ALTEN Academy supports us with a lot of educations both from internal consultants and external educators that are held regularly –  which by the way is also a good way to get to know ALTEN colleagues from other departments.




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ALTEN is the european leader in engineering and technology consulting provides support for its clients’ development strategies in the fields of innovation, R&D and IT systems.

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