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The evolution of ALTEN in Spain during the last years has been exponential, thanks to the consolidated positioning of our large clients such as Airbus, to which is added the opening of other reference accounts such as: Siemens-Gamesa, in the wind sector, Renault or PSA in automotive, or Navantia in naval.

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This growth has been based on three main pillars that have been the basis of this company:

  • The performance of Quality in all the projects we carry out, analysing each need and providing a personalized response.
  • Innovation and culture of change, which have made us evolve and promote our added value in projects.
  • The people, thanks to the promotion of continuous training and career plans, have managed to consolidate knowledge.

In 2018, new challenges are expected, such as the expansion of other new sectors where we can extend our know-how in different Engineering competence centres. Second, it is essential to consolidate all the growth experienced in the last years, establishing a solid base that strengthens the links with our current customers. And finally, follow a strategic line of commitment, betting on innovation and the continuous recycling of people’s knowledge.

ALTEN has clearly consolidated itself in the Financial, Industrial, Telecom and Media sectors, and maintains its position in the Public Authorities. This position is due mainly to two key factors of its strategy: the design of efficient innovative solutions for its customers and its painstaking execution of the associated services.

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Currently, as a result of an extensive expansion of our services in the area of Quality Assurance and Testing, innovative solutions in Mobility (as the main driver of the current digital processing process), as well as IT Security, or BI applied to business, are allowing us to not only open up numerous accounts, but also to deepen our involvement in those in which we are already a leading technology partner.

ALTEN SPAIN has generated an organic growth of more than 15% a year in the last three years. As a consequence of this great result, we have a double objective in 2018: to employ 1,700 engineers (1,100 of them in the IT area) and consolidate the growth achieved, expanding our team of managers and technical experts. This will allow us to strengthen the portfolio of innovative solutions, so that the expansion process may be speeded up, always with a view to exceeding 2,000 employees in a short space of time.

ALTEN SPAIN is seeking inquiring thinkers, mainly, who enjoy the daily challenge of all types of technical projects, with the initiative and capacity to manage and satisfy our customers’ technology needs.

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ALTEN SPAIN is a young company, in which the average age of personnel is 31 years, making it hugely attractive for those engineers that want to consolidate their professional career in a multinational environment, with the possibility of participating in the biggest projects of the major companies in all sectors, thanks to around 20 years of consolidation in the Spanish consultancy market.

Supported by thousands of hours of technical knowledge and a training plan that allows us to impart more than 1,300 training activities a year, we are a major driver of our employees’ professional careers, and all of this takes place in a collaborative, ever-evolving and challenging environment.

At ALTEN, we work with around 300 profiles simultaneously, and the common denominator is that all of them are linked to technology, whether from an ICT point of view (WEB development, JAVA, .NET, PHP, Databases, Methodologies, Mobility, Virtualization, BI/Big Data, testing, etc.) or from a more classical Engineering point of view (Automation, RAMS, On-board SW, Manufacturing, Delineation, Processes, Supply Chain, industrial, aeronautics, automotive, telecommunications, etc.).

ALTEN is to me more than a leader company in technology, engineering and consulting. It is a company in which all of us are aligned to reach the main objective which is providing quality services to our customers. To attain that goal, ALTEN is a team made up of great professionals, each in their respective field of work.

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Nowadays, ALTEN is a leader in the Spanish Public Administration sector and more precisely in the State’s General Administration. With more than twenty years of experience in this market, ALTEN is considered a top tier company in this sector, highlighting among its principal activities project development, consulting, system integration and information technology application.

Our main objective is to keep providing added value to the AA.PP. as much in the technological capacity as in the given service, giving special attention to the IT professional services world from which we highlight the creation of solutions that allow speeding up formalities between users and different administrations.

For this reason, we have a leader policy regarding training and certification of IT tool professionals. It is not only fundamental for our projects an adequate training and experience in the used tools but also relying on a team who is able to adapt to the continuous technological changes and advances.

Come to Spain


Cities inherited from a rich mix of cultures, monuments and natural spaces declared World Heritage by UNESCO, some of the most important museums in the world, spectacular beaches, a pleasant climate throughout the year, the healthy Mediterranean diet or traditions such as flamenco and bullfighting, are just some of the reasons why, once you visit Spain, you will want to live in this exciting country.

The Mediterranean personality, open and friendly of its people, in a country that has known how to combine tradition with modernity, will conquer you. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of each of its corners. Here, life is always enjoyed.

The best of ALTEN Spain

The knowledge of the technologies and the management capacity along with the absolute trust from our clients allowed us to develop a group of services and solutions which create an offer, oriented to go hand to hand with our customers in a constantly evolving market.

ALTEN SPAIN performs its professional services in various modalities. They encompass the technological and/or functional consulting, defined and managed Work Package, based on the deliverables, commitments to quality, and the Fix Price Project, where the scope, deadlines and economical conditions are negotiated. “Solutions” is ALTEN SPAIN’s specialized Business Unit which performs the services of greater risk and added-value. In order to achieve this, it is important to rely on specific infrastructures, methodologies, and the human assets who will allow their implementation and management, while still guaranteeing the compliance of the objectives and expectations of our customers. “Solutions” comprises a basic team of specialized and high-level Project Managers and Technical experts. “Solutions” manages services in the main activity areas with more than 250 consultant´s collaboration.

Key People

ALTEN is a leader in a lot of topics, but currently the Mobile Solutions (including IoT), Quality Assurance and Test Automation are the trending topics for the more important customers in Spain.

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There are six Technical Competence Centers which manage since the Digital Onboarding, Biometric Recognition, IoT, Big Data, Predictive Analytic, until Test Automation, QA Offices, IT Monitoring and Autorecovery, MicroServices, API Management, BUS Integration passing through the specific training in ISTQB.

At ALTEN you can take part in different roles, different methodologies and different customers and sectors to know the complete IT ecosystem. You can drive your personal career and you can go as far as you want. These solutions are pioneers in the IT sector and we are managing projects/services not only in Spain but also in the rest of Europe.

ALTEN is the ideal consultancy to learn, improve and develop yourself in the IT sector.



ALTEN is the european leader in engineering and technology consulting provides support for its clients’ development strategies in the fields of innovation, R&D and IT systems.

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