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The Netherlands are a global hotspot for innovation. ALTEN is the consulting and engineering organization working in various (niche) markets for the high-tech sector and ICT. The high-tech sector consists of several closely interconnected manufacturing industries, such as the machine and systems industries, automotive and aerospace. Knowledge in the field of technology plays an important role, thé central pillar within ALTEN.

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ALTEN also offers its specialist knowledge in the field of IT, an important sector in the Netherlands. Quality and reliability, innovations in the area of ​​Big Data and Internet of Things, in which we play an active role with our partners in order to strengthen the digital economy of the Netherlands.

The focus on technology is very big in The Netherlands and this is why talented engineers can find many interesting projects here. ALTEN is active in all markets where technology plays an important role. This can be in the large high-tech market, but also in our advanced infrastructure development, technology in finance or even the innovations in agriculture.

ALTEN is distinguished by:

  • locations throughout the country: Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Apeldoorn;
  • a diversified and well-balanced product and service supply, from consulting to full project realisation in service center mode;
  • expertise in Technology and IT providing the ability to operate in all business sectors.

ALTEN Nederland today has sound references and real experience with the development and production of some of the most advanced, accurate and intelligent machines. ALTEN is proud to innovate in the Netherlands in these markets.

Come to The Netherlands

We would like to share some funny and serious characteristics of the Netherlands. Maybe you have heard some expressions involving the Dutch. Such as  “Going Dutch”, which is the perfectly sensible practice of going out for a meal on the understanding that each of the participants pays for his or her own share. There are more prejudices, since Holland is well-known for his famous tulips. But did you know that tulips aren’t native to the Netherlands? The tulip was imported from Turkey in the 16th century and has played a vital role in the Dutch culture. Another well-known Dutch product is wooden clogs. The Netherlands produces around 6 million souvenir clogs each year, but the exact origin of wooden footwear is unknown – and not thought to be Dutch…. Are you surprised?

But how about the Dutch business culture? The egalitarianism and openness characterising Dutch society is reflected in the horizontal structure of Dutch business culture. Also at ALTEN in the Netherlands, where both the managing director, managers and the employees are all considered co-workers. Most decisions, in politics, in Dutch business culture and even in social life, are made on the grounds of consensus. The Dutch egalitarianism is displayed in the fact that suggestions from all workers are welcome.

Moving to a new country might seem frightening, but we will assist you and provide all the necessary information to help you (and your family) relocating to the Netherlands and get settled.

The best of ALTEN Nederland

International companies such as Shell, Phillips, KLM, ASML and TomTom were not only founded by Dutch people, but are also headquartered in the Netherlands. We are proud of our cooperation with these innovative corporations, which offers you the most exciting projects to work at. ALTEN develops processes to identify skills and expectations so as to ensure that its projects closely match our consultant’s desires. A dynamic, cross departmental and transnational career management process ensures the constant evolution, both horizontally and vertically, of our consultants working in the managerial and technical fields, opening up new prospects for their professional development.

Are you considering relocating to the Netherlands? The 30% ruling may be of interest to you! The 30% ruling is a tax advantage for highly skilled migrants working in the Netherlands. In a nutshell, the taxable amount of a gross Dutch salary is reduced from 100% to 70%, meaning 30% of your wage is tax free. We can help you  find out if you meet the 30% ruling requirements!

Last but not least, according to the UN World Happiness Report 2018, the Netherlands is the 6th happiest country in the world. The Netherlands also managed to rank in this position in 2017. Good reasons to broaden your horizon and relocate to the Netherlands!

Key People

ALTEN Nederland operates throughout the Dutch market. Our focus is on technology and competence – which means that as an ALTEN employee you will get a chance to work in various domains and market segments. Doing so, you can rely on the technological expertise and the support of your colleagues, as well as having the opportunity to be trained by the ALTEN Academy.

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The stories of our engineers are great: They get to work on cutting edge technology and get the opportunity deliver their expertise to help our clients achieve their goals.

In our Delivery Centre, we carry out projects that are outsourced by our clients. In these projects, ALTEN may assume full responsibility for delivering the product to our clients in a dedicated ALTEN team. In these teams, all roles are filled in by ALTEN. This creates many career opportunities for our employees. Projects are various: Robot arm control systems, ‘intelligent’ glasses, Business Intelligence & Cloud systems, 3D printers and lots more. It is great to be able to work surrounded by likeminded colleagues, with a broad level of expertise. And besides, it is a lot of fun!

My name is Cristina and I currently live in Rotterdam. I am originally from a small town in Italy, close to Garda Lake. I have studied and worked in various countries before I came to the Netherlands. I started my first master in Denmark (software related to hydraulic studies) and in 2015 I came to the Netherlands to study in Delft: Civil and environmental engineering.

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After my master I was looking for a job in the Netherlands. LinkedIn showed me a job opportunity for software engineering at ALTEN. Being a consultant is very interesting, because you can work at various companies. Currently I work as a test consultant at Deltares in Delft. Deltares is an independent institute for applied research in the field of water and subsurface. I work on a project that builds software which helps predicting the flow of rivers, how do certain rivers behave, etcetera. I coordinate testers as well as releases. I also organize meetings with users and provide demos. Besides that, I also assist senior consultants at courses.”

“I would like to suggest to people not to be afraid of risks and go for what you want. Of course in the beginning it is difficult to take a chance, but you are rewarded with wonderful experiences. When you are open and curious you grow as a person. You can take the best of the country which you live in and learn the language if you can. This will help you a lot with the integration.

What attracted me the most, besides being a consultant, is the possibility of taking part in many courses so you can grow. You can attend courses of the ALTEN Academy which will help you to do your job better and grow as a person. That’s not only good for yourself, but also for your client(s).  What I also like about ALTEN are the working conditions. I got a fixed contract right away. It is wonderful to see that ALTEN invests in its young (international) employees. They have faith in them and give them a chance.”

“I feel that as a European you get so many opportunities to go to another (European) country and study at good universities. I want to take advantage of that, to grow and develop. You can learn different things form each country. This makes you more open minded”.


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ALTEN is the european leader in engineering and technology consulting provides support for its clients’ development strategies in the fields of innovation, R&D and IT systems.

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