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In their words

Before joining ALTEN group and AIXIAL, I worked in a national environment. Since I joined the group, I am in charge of the development of AIXIAL, the CRO solution of ALTEN at an international level in several countries and it is extremely motivating and challenging everyday. Adapting to different markets, different cultures, it is a personal and professional development at each moment. A choice that I would do again without hesitation!

Career accelerator: Give our consultants the opportunity to show their added value and broaden their expertise. Plus, they can easily develop their skills through technical, managerial or linguistic training. A great advantage for our junior consultants but also for our junior consultants but also for the more experienced ones.

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International dimension: Thanks to our European presence, we can offer professional opportunities abroad to our consultants (Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden…)

Sense of belonging: Each AIXIAL consultant is in direct contact with a Business Manager who follows and manages their career evolution in the long term.

Moreover, throughout the year, we organize events to bring our teams together (annual party, afterworks, charity races and much more) #joinus #togetherwecreatevalue


Come to AIXIAL

At AIXIAL, the watchword is listening. Indeed, to carry out projects with our partners, we must above all take care of our employees, listen to their desires, detect their talents and know how to implement them. This is why we have a very strong HR policy with our teams. To join AIXIAL is to join a dynamic company, with a strong international dimension.

Joining us is also making the bet to quickly build skills whether you are junior or not, with the help of your Business Manager and through our various projects. You will be able to develop your employability with a company recognized as a “Preferred Partner” of the major players in the healthcare industry.

Finally, joining us is contributing to the excitement of our corporate culture; We propose you all year long to create strong links with your colleagues, afterworks, charity races, challenges… We do not lack ideas to gather you, because it is together that we will create the AIXIAL of tomorrow.


The best of AIXIAL


For more than 25 years, AIXIAL, the CRO of the ALTEN Group, has been supporting pharmaceutical industry key accounts in France and elsewhere in Europe for various types of services: Insourcing&outsourcing.

Four environments are varied: Biometrics, clinical research, vigilance and pharmaceutical affairs.

Thanks to the expertise of our 500 employees, we are now the leading French CRO. Joining us will also be they key turning point of your career! The diversity of our client portfolio also allows us to hire and train a large number of new graduates who will be able to develop their skills with our clients. AIXIAL is also the opportunity to create a professional network and enrich it every day by participating in many friendly events: team lunches, after-work parties, corporate parties…

Join the AIXIAL adventure, and adventure in the service of health!


AIXIAL is the European Crown leader in Life Sciences. Determined to foster long-term partnerships with our customers and employees, we remain attentive to their wishes and requirements. Do you want to know more? Click here





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