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“It all comes down to one thing: overcoming the obstacles”

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Today we meet Miguel Ángel, who is Service Manager at ALTEN. He is passionate about sports. Since some years ago, he participates in triathlon competitions.

Miguel Ángel’s passion for sports began at a very young age. As a child, he suffered from asthma and his doctor recommended him to practice athletics to strengthen his respiratory system. At the beginning it was not easy, but participating in the first sporting events gave him wings to continue. Since then, competition is in his blood and he challenge himself every day to become a better athlete. His first test was to run the Madrid Marathon, which he accomplished in 2:52h.

Miguel tells us that the biggest challenges he has ever faced was the 10,000 of the Soplao de Carretera. It consisted in completing a 230km athletic race with almost 7,000 meters of unevenness. “One of the things that I love the most about these experience is the atmosphere, all the different types of landscapes that I see. It may sound ridiculousbecause of the inclement weather that usually persists during the race, but it actually makes you feel a bit like a hero. I had to endure the rain, cold and even snow during 230km and with really though mountain passes. Going through the Cantabrian villages while your family is cheering and people are helping is touching.

He trains a total of five days a week and he rather train with someone instead of training alone. “It gives me a sense of safety when riding a bicycle with more people. Also, it fosters the values ​​of team spirit and friendship. Moreover it helps me to improve my skills”

At work, Miguel has the ability to endure sacrifice and to overcome daily obstacles, which are skills he acquired from practicing sports. “I believe that setting goals when starting a project is very similar to preparing for a race; you know you have a task to accomplish and you have to be ready for the day this task is due, and most probably you will have to deal with problems along the way. When it comes to sports there are so many problems that could arise, such as a cold, an injury, endless rainy days that stop you from training outside, etc. In and outside the office, it all comes down to one thing: overcoming obstacles.”

The upcoming race where Miguel will show off ALTEN`s colors will be at The Amstel Gold Race, which will take place in Netherland on April 20thand 21st. ALTEN wish him the best of luck!


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