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Why should you come to work to Finland?

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Come to work in Finland…

Finland is always near the top of several Quality Of Life rankings. This has become one of the strange things Finland is known for, along with the highest number of heavy metal bands per capita and the sauna! How can a country that is rarely in the news, isn’t famous for much else, consistently perform so well in these rankings?

In every list of the Happiest Countries in the World, Finland is near the top. This always seems to puzzle the social commentators. How can people living so far north, in the cold and dark, be happy? Is it a different type of happiness that exists in other countries?

While you may not see Finns jumping for joy in the streets —except for when the national hockey team wins a championship— there must be something to all these rankings. Maybe it’s a less exciting, calmer form of happiness that comes from nearness to nature, access to health care for all, a highly reliable and functioning public transportation system, a social safety net and other quiet sources of contentment.

Finland’s education system is always near the top of rankings, again for seemingly boring reasons like competent teachers, less homework, longer breaks for the kids so they can play outside etc etc.

Voted for by expats

Finland was voted by expats ‘the best place in the world to raise your family‘. Maybe Finland is not as exciting as other countries, but if you are looking for a place to work, raise a family and be happy, it’s near the top. And even though the Finnish language is difficult and mysterious, almost everyone also speaks English.
So there we have it. Finland is a serious contender for your ‘The Best Places To Relocate To’ list. Seriously!


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