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Challenges are his passion and Tough Viking one of his goals!

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Challenges are his passion and Tough Viking one of his goals!

Three months ago our consultant Dominic came to Sweden from Ireland to work with us at ALTEN. Dominic is not only a mechanical engineer, he also has a passion for obstacle racing. That passion was born after an injury caused an end to his Thai boxing career and after realizing that he couldn’t return to Thai boxing competition, Dominic had to find new challenges. During the last 4 years he has run over 40 obstacle runs all over the world including a non-stop, 24-hour race in the rocky sands of the Nevada desert, Las Vegas!

It was actually an obstacle training centre that he saw on social media that caught his interest for Sweden in the first place. A couple of trips and Swedish obstacle races later, Dominic decided to search for a job and move to Sweden.

Now he has trained a team of colleagues for the premier obstacle run in Sweden – Tough Viking. In early Spring Dominic invited his colleagues to train with him. “At first it was a challenge to find people to train outdoors in the snow, but after a few weeks we had up to 14 happy and ambitious colleagues at the sessions.” Dominic has prepared his colleagues and they have trained together to manage the massive obstacles that consist of fire jumps, ice baths, electricity, mud, monkey bars and barbed wire crawls set out along a challenging route. On the 12th May a team of 6 happy ALTEN engineers managed to finish the race, working together as a team. Well done!

Dominic said: “Coaching was a very important part of my life before I moved to Stockholm, and saying as the Swedes are typically very active, as well as the fact that ALTEN encourages their team to set up all kinds of events, I thought, why not set up a Tough Viking team. Some of the colleagues were a bit timid and unsure if they could do the race in the beginning, but their confidence quickly grew and now that they’ve done it, they are already asking when the next one will be!”


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