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Without teamwork, failure is guaranteed

Nicolás works as a consultant for ALTEN at Airbus. He belongs to the industrial academy team, which is a cross-sectional department responsible for the training of White and Blue-collar workers. (White-collar= administrative labour, Blue-collar= manual labour). He’s currently working on the development of a project called ‘Learning Digital Transformation’. It’s main objective is the digitization of the company’s […]

Meet Nicola, Analyst Developer and iPhoneographer

Analyst Developer and iPhoneographer Who says that an Analyst Developer could not also be a talented photographer has never met Nicola (43), employee at ALTEN Italy since 2000. From a young age, Nicola alternated his early life between his study in programming and his artistic aptitude, in particular writing poems which have allowed him to […]

From Consultant to Business Manager in just two years

  Teresa began her professional career with ALTEN as a consultant almost two years ago. A few months ago she was promoted to Business Manager in the Banking and Insurance department at the company’s headquarters in Madrid. As a graduate in Business Administration and Law, she is well acquainted with the two profiles of the professionals […]