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“Speed, versatility and flexibility is what defines us”

Senior Manager of the Automotive Area of ALTEN SPAIN, José Luis S., played a prominent role at the XII Congress of Quality in the Automotive Sector, reading an interesting paper to all the attendees on new business models: “In a sector as dynamic and at the same time as demanding as the car industry, engineering […]

Meet Nicola, Analyst Developer and iPhoneographer

Analyst Developer and iPhoneographer Who says that an Analyst Developer could not also be a talented photographer has never met Nicola (43), employee at ALTEN Italy since 2000. From a young age, Nicola alternated his early life between his study in programming and his artistic aptitude, in particular writing poems which have allowed him to […]

ALTEN Belgium is now iSQI’s Best Partner for 2018

The engineering market is in constant evolution, and staying up to date with new technologies has become crucial for both individuals and companies. In this regard, the creation of the ALTEN Belgium Academy has been an amazing opportunity, for clients as well as for consultants! The wide portfolio of internationally certified training offers the possibility […]

Top Tips to help you live and work abroad

You want to live and work abroad but aren’t sure how to progress? Here are some great general tips on the best way to proceed if you’re keen on a job in Europe as an Engineer. Or maybe a web developer in Malaysia? Or even as a Corporate Executive or Data Scientist? Non-native English speaker? […]

ALTEN Italy runs like a deejay in Milan

Waking up orange coloured Duomo Square in Milan woke up orange coloured. In fact, orange was the colour of the 35.000 t-shirts worn by the participants in the Deejay Ten. The 10 km marathon organized by Radio Deejay, one of the most popular radio stations in Italy. Since 2005, Radio Deejay has invited their listeners […]

Software Developer? Salary comparisons by country

IT salaries. Comparison of the highest-paying countries for Software Developers. A 2017 update of a review originally from 2015 by comparing the highest-paying countries for software engineers. An in-depth comparison of the average annual incomes of software engineers around the world depending on their experience and technical skills. Encompassing; Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, France, Israel, the […]

Europe’s best startup/tech events —Nov/Dec 2017

Europe’s best startup/tech events for Nov-Dec 2017. Smart cities, robotics, black hat, fitness tech and more… Although we’re only two months away from 2018, there’s still time to catch some great tech/startup events before the year is out. Dispatches Europe share their list of the most noteworthy ones this November and December… Covering tech trends, smart cities, black hat, fitness tech […]

Civil, mechanical, chemical, or electrical Engineer? 8 Best countries for relocation

Make the most of your Engineering qualifications Engineers never had it so good! Whichever flavour this happens to be; civil, mechanical, chemical or electrical you can rest assured that your skills and knowledge will form the cornerstone of modern society. Furthermore, the global world in which we live in has an ongoing need for innovative new products, […]

Meet Sven: BI-consultant and former professional cyclist

Sven (41) is a Business Intelligence consultant and focuses mainly on data science and visualisation. At ALTEN Sven was given the opportunity to build up a relatively new competence: Data Analysis. Furthermore, Sven is a passionate road cyclist and used to be part of the Dutch National Team. Despite being partially paralysed, this has never […]

Smart City: Eindhoven

Working in the one of the smartest cities in the world —Eindhoven! Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Not many people have heard of the city, except for maybe being the hometown of the Dutch football club PSV. But did you know that Eindhoven is also one of the smartest cities in the world? About a century ago, Eindhoven […]