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Without teamwork, failure is guaranteed

Nicolás works as a consultant for ALTEN at Airbus. He belongs to the industrial academy team, which is a cross-sectional department responsible for the training of White and Blue-collar workers. (White-collar= administrative labour, Blue-collar= manual labour). He’s currently working on the development of a project called ‘Learning Digital Transformation’. It’s main objective is the digitization of the company’s […]

Discover Pedro, consultant at ALTEN Belgium and founder of the charity Worldwide Solidarity for Education.

Pedro has been an IT consultant since 2012 at ALTEN Belgium and works as an IT Manager at BNP Paribas Fortis. In 2015 he participated in his first charitable mission in a school in Malawi. He returned there in 2017 with the help of ALTEN Belgium and BNP Paribas Fortis. As a result of these successes, he decided to create his […]

Agile in the waterfall

Developing Human Machine Interfaces in an Agile environment Reinier is a consultant at ALTEN (Technology) in the Netherlands. He is currently working as a lead engineer on control interfaces for high-end boiler systems. After ten years of experience with embedded systems he enjoys the challenge not only on a technical-content level, but especially in the […]

Got Talent: Roberto —Singer and writer

Roberto works as Quality Manager in the Quality Programme department of Airbus. He is in charge of solving any quality problems related to product security, and airworthiness certification. Today, we are going to discover a new facet of Roberto by looking at what he gets up to outside of his job at Airbus. Meet Roberto —Singer and writer Raised from a young […]

Humans of ALTEN: Meet Tiina, a technical writer at ALTEN Finland

To be part of the ALTEN team you shouldn’t be necessarily an engineer: we are always looking for the best talents in different disciplines. This is the case of Tiina, Technical Writer at ALTEN Finland with a background in Languages and Marketing. Read her interview below and discover more about her experience. Could you introduce […]

Humans of ALTEN #11: Arnaud

Arnaud: “The possibilities are multiple to grow in ALTEN Switzerland, we work with several projects” Could you introduce yourself in a few words?  Arnaud Spenlé, French guy who lives in French-part of Switzerland. What was your first motivation to move abroad? My father’s disease and the distance between my family, my friends and I. How did […]

Humans of ALTEN #10: Fanny

Fanny: “I did all my career at ALTEN and there is a real opportunity to evolve in a big Group” Could you introduce yourself in a few words?  Hello, my name is Fanny, I am 28 years old. I come from Stockholm in Sweden. I studied engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. During […]

Humans of ALTEN #9: Cristina

Cristina: “Don’t be scared to take a risk, go for it!” Thank you for taking the time to do this interview, Cristina. Could you please introduce yourself in a few words? My name is Cristina and I currently live in Rotterdam. I am originally from a small town in Italy, close to Garda Lake. I […]