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Determined women break through as engineers

Determined women break through as engineers In 1993 only 8.6% of Engineers were women. Today this figure stands at 15%. An improvement but there’s still some way to go says Mikaela Mohaupt, electrical engineer at Graef, a Milwaukee engineering firm. It does however show that determined women break through as engineers. “I’m a mom — not just a […]

From Consultant to Business Manager in just two years

  Teresa began her professional career with ALTEN as a consultant almost two years ago. A few months ago she was promoted to Business Manager in the Banking and Insurance department at the company’s headquarters in Madrid. As a graduate in Business Administration and Law, she is well acquainted with the two profiles of the professionals […]

Europe’s best startup/tech events —Nov/Dec 2017

Europe’s best startup/tech events for Nov-Dec 2017. Smart cities, robotics, black hat, fitness tech and more… Although we’re only two months away from 2018, there’s still time to catch some great tech/startup events before the year is out. Dispatches Europe share their list of the most noteworthy ones this November and December… Covering tech trends, smart cities, black hat, fitness tech […]

Do you qualify for Dual-Citizenship?

Pursuing your dream of dual citizenship This article —while being from a US point-of-view still offers up plenty of ideas for you. Assess your potential to obtain dual citizenship wherever your birthplace. It’s packed with useful information and plenty of links.  Find out what you need to pursue your dream of dual-citizenship. Did you know? […]

Civil, mechanical, chemical, or electrical Engineer? 8 Best countries for relocation

Make the most of your Engineering qualifications Engineers never had it so good! Whichever flavour this happens to be; civil, mechanical, chemical or electrical you can rest assured that your skills and knowledge will form the cornerstone of modern society. Furthermore, the global world in which we live in has an ongoing need for innovative new products, […]

Smart City: Eindhoven

Working in the one of the smartest cities in the world —Eindhoven! Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Not many people have heard of the city, except for maybe being the hometown of the Dutch football club PSV. But did you know that Eindhoven is also one of the smartest cities in the world? About a century ago, Eindhoven […]

News and resources for expats in Europe

Have you visited yet? It’s a site where current and potential expats will find a wealth of invaluable articles and resources that includes information on everything from where to find the best accommodation deals and recommendations for restaurants to advice about changing your nationality and top tips and insider knowledge on your adopted country. It’s […]