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Why should you come to work to Finland?

Come to work in Finland… Finland is always near the top of several Quality Of Life rankings. This has become one of the strange things Finland is known for, along with the highest number of heavy metal bands per capita and the sauna! How can a country that is rarely in the news, isn’t famous for […]

How I obtained the Profession Liberal Visa

How I obtained the Profession Libérale Visa What is this little known visa? The Profession Liberal Visa is a little known official document available to foreigners who want to work in France. It could be the visa for you if you are searching for freelance work in France. It differs from other work visas in that you are not tied to the […]

How to become a local in your host country

Tips on how to become an integrated expat It may seem obvious, but in order to fully integrate yourself and become a local in your host country you need to do your homework. You already know that there will be a great many cultural differences and obstacles awaiting you. The question is how do you best […]