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Let the festivities begin! Some traditional seasonal foody treats for European expats.

Let the festivities begin! Some traditional seasonal foody treats for European expats. The festive season is a great excuse to indulge yourself with some culinary treats. If you’re an expat in Europe then you are in for a great time. Traditional seasonal foody treats steeped in history are plentiful in this part of the world. Stolichniy salad […]

A fair workplace creates a good working environment

Korea comes searching for Swedish insights At ALTEN Sweden, we are convinced that an equal and fair workplace creates a good working environment. We really believe in it and are continually working for a better gender balance. As well as contributing towards a more equal society, we believe that equality and integration = success! “Our employees’ success is […]

UniSalute Run Tune Up in Bologna

Getting Ready! At 9 o’clock in the morning of 9th September, 11 of our colleagues met-up in Piazza del Nettuno in Bologna. In a few minutes a special event would take place —the sixteenth edition of the UniSalute RUN TUNE UP.  This is an annual half marathon with over 5000 participants from all over the country, both professional and amateurs. Getting to know people […]

Science Festival (Vetenskapsfestivalen)

Encouraging secondary school students into Engineering At ALTEN Sweden, we have a burning passion for the art of engineering. We continually encourage young people to pursue a technical education. It is this passion that inspired us to collaborate with the Gothenburg Science Festival. As a result we invited 100 secondary school students to our robotics workshops at our head office in Gothenburg, […]

ALTEN Italy and Corporate Social Responsibility

Every year, ALTEN Italy increases its attention on the social activities and to the health and well-being of its employees. 2017 saw as usual, two regular days of blood donation arranged in collaboration with “AVIS Milano”. In addition, we organized two meetings about health and prevention issues, with the support of the “Unisalus Specialist Medical Center”. […]

“Speed, versatility and flexibility is what defines us”

Senior Manager of the Automotive Area of ALTEN SPAIN, José Luis S., played a prominent role at the XII Congress of Quality in the Automotive Sector, reading an interesting paper to all the attendees on new business models: “In a sector as dynamic and at the same time as demanding as the car industry, engineering […]

Europe’s 14 best Christmas Markets

Discover Europe’s 14 best Christmas Markets As we know, being an expat in continental Europe has it’s benefits! Surely one of the best at this time of year is the opportunity to be swept up in the atmosphere of a traditional themed Christmas Market. A sublime experience you simply must savour once in your life. Prepare to […]

ALTEN Italy runs like a deejay in Milan

Waking up orange coloured Duomo Square in Milan woke up orange coloured. In fact, orange was the colour of the 35.000 t-shirts worn by the participants in the Deejay Ten. The 10 km marathon organized by Radio Deejay, one of the most popular radio stations in Italy. Since 2005, Radio Deejay has invited their listeners […]

Swedish do it better in Linköping

ALTEN TAKE OFF LINKÖPING A kick off that took off, ALTEN Sweden was flying high in the Aerospace capital of Sweden: Linköping. All of Team ALTEN Sweden got together between the 3rd and 4th of September this year in Linköping. On the official agenda was information seminars, motivational speakers and entertainment. But, to many employees […]

Race for Business

On 13 December, the seventeenth edition of the celebrated “Race of the Companies” took place. Nine teams from ALTEN Spain participated in this popular competition, which brought together more than 800 companies from different sectors. The “Sonámbulos team”, composed of Aitor Céspedes and Leticia Roldán, was finished sixth place in the 10 km competition. And […]