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ALTEN Belgium ranked second in the Trends Gazelles 2018

ALTEN Belgium is very proud. Why? Because they ranked second in the Trends Gazelles 2018. This competition highlights fast growing companies in Belgium over the last five years. What a great feeling to be first nominee and then awarded in the “large companies” category! How does it work? Everything begins with a quantitative analysis established […]

“Speed, versatility and flexibility is what defines us”

Senior Manager of the Automotive Area of ALTEN SPAIN, José Luis S., played a prominent role at the XII Congress of Quality in the Automotive Sector, reading an interesting paper to all the attendees on new business models: “In a sector as dynamic and at the same time as demanding as the car industry, engineering […]

Top Tips to help you live and work abroad

You want to live and work abroad but aren’t sure how to progress? Here are some great general tips on the best way to proceed if you’re keen on a job in Europe as an Engineer. Or maybe a web developer in Malaysia? Or even as a Corporate Executive or Data Scientist? Non-native English speaker? […]

Software Developer? Salary comparisons by country

IT salaries. Comparison of the highest-paying countries for Software Developers. A 2017 update of a review originally from 2015 by comparing the highest-paying countries for software engineers. An in-depth comparison of the average annual incomes of software engineers around the world depending on their experience and technical skills. Encompassing; Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, France, Israel, the […]

Discovering Torino

Are you thinking of moving to Italy for work? Do you want to live in a dynamic and lively city? ALTEN suggests Torino as the destination! Find out more about this ancient and wonderful city. Turin, or Torino in Italian, is the capital city of the Piedmont region in the north-west of the country. It […]

Civil, mechanical, chemical, or electrical Engineer? 8 Best countries for relocation

Make the most of your Engineering qualifications Engineers never had it so good! Whichever flavour this happens to be; civil, mechanical, chemical or electrical you can rest assured that your skills and knowledge will form the cornerstone of modern society. Furthermore, the global world in which we live in has an ongoing need for innovative new products, […]